avail (oneself) of

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avail (oneself) of

To utilize an available resource. I was so overwhelmed trying to get my house ready for the party that I availed myself of a local cleaning service. My dear students, I encourage you to avail yourself of the campus library as much as possible.
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avail oneself of something

to help oneself by making use of something that is available. We availed ourselves of Tom's goodwill and let him repair the fence. The campers availed themselves of the first chance in a week to take a shower.
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avail oneself of

1. Take advantage of, benefit by. For example, To get a better mortgage, he availed himself of the employee credit union. [Late 1500s]
2. Use, employ, as in I'll avail myself of the first cab to come along. [Mid-1800s]
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avail (oneself) of

To make use of.
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References in classic literature ?
Such is the general picture of the free trapper's wife, given by Captain Bonneville; how far it applied in its details to the one in question does not altogether appear, though it would seem from the outset of her connubial career, that she was ready to avail herself of all the pomp and circumstance of her new condition.
With an understanding awake to their dangerous situation, and prompt to avail herself of each means of safety which occurred, Rebecca had hoped something from the presence of a man of religion, who, she learned from Urfried, had penetrated into this godless castle.
Emily rises nevertheless--ready to avail herself of the first excuse for leaving him.
Heathcliff,' said I, 'this is the talk of a madman; your wife, most likely, is convinced you are mad; and, for that reason, she has borne with you hitherto: but now that you say she may go, she'll doubtless avail herself of the permission.
I was encouraged by this closing admission on the part of Miss Mills to ask her, whether, for Dora's sake, if she had any opportunity of luring her attention to such preparations for an earnest life, she would avail herself of it?
Poetry, gentle sir, is, as I take it, like a tender young maiden of supreme beauty, to array, bedeck, and adorn whom is the task of several other maidens, who are all the rest of the sciences; and she must avail herself of the help of all, and all derive their lustre from her.
In such a case there can be no doubt but the specification would amount to an exclusion of any other mode of conveyance, because the woman having no previous power to alienate her property, the specification determines the particular mode which she is, for that purpose, to avail herself of. But let us further suppose that in a subsequent part of the same act it should be declared that no woman should dispose of any estate of a determinate value without the consent of three of her nearest relations, signified by their signing the deed; could it be inferred from this regulation that a married woman might not procure the approbation of her relations to a deed for conveying property of inferior value?
The DSWD said Macapanton's cash grant will be transferred to her eldest child as she can no longer avail herself of the program due to her alleged involvement in crimes.
A female worker can still avail herself of maternity leave with full pay even if the childbirth, miscarriage or emergency termination of pregnancy occurs not more than 15 days after termination of employment.
The employee may also avail herself of 60 days of paid leave for gynecological diseases (hysterectomy, myoma, breast cancer), as provided for in the Magna Carta for Women.
Arnie "Arnulfo" Teves asked Grab officials if a grandmother, who asked her grandchild to order food via Grab Food delivery, could avail herself of the discount.
But Halima is now trying to avail herself of the current Amnesty and rectify Mariam's status.
LAHORE -- The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Saturday submitted a report on the offshore property of Prime Minister Imran Khan's sister Aleema Khanum to the Supreme Court in a sealed envelope and declared that she did not avail herself of the tax amnesty scheme benefits.
Tony Blair, who was prime minister at the time and who has been campaigning for Britain to remain, now says that most EU states understand Britain's immigration concerns but has not provided a satisfactory explanation for Britain's failure to avail herself of transitional provisions designed to help local people adapt to freedom of movement gradually.
Keeley would avail herself of a similar opportunity in Costa Rica.