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5% owned subsidiary, today announced the addition of a new feature on the IIJ Quarantine Network Solution Type B service, which will enable it to automatically detect and remove the Winny file-sharing program.
For organizations using the IBM Rational Development Platform, RAVEN Professional enables application development organizations to author and validate requirements in RAVEN and automatically transfer requirements into IBM Rational RequisitePro, to ensure that requirements are visible to all development team members and to provide traceability throughout the development lifecycle.
Distributed backup removes entirely the need for daily backups of critical data onto costly tapes, thereby automatically reducing the level of storage management required by an enterprise.
2632(c), the GST exemption is not automatically allocated when the trust instrument provides that:
If you check Always create backup, Excel will automatically create a backup of the spreadsheet exactly as it appeared when opened, naming it "Backup of XXX.
After GSS schedules the call, the videoconference request automatically appears in the VNP operation console, and the call is entirely automated.
Automatically reported pricing exceptions daily to branch managers and marketing
Ceast's Melt Flow Matic automatically performs volumetric and melt-flow-rate determinations on plastics according to ASTM D 1238, ISO 1133, or equivalents.
Noetix provides software that automatically generates metadata from enterprise applications, enabling immediate access to data.
Accordingly, a small reseller with inventories changing from a cash or hybrid method to an accrual method would generally be permitted to change automatically to a proper inventory method under Sec.
Publicly held businesses can track the market value of securities they hold automatically.
The user can specify the acceptable boundaries of deviation as equal to the upper and lower specification limits (USL and LSL) -which are automatically set for each parameter by the expert software, based on statistical analysis of an initial run of good parts - or the user can select a degree of "offset" ([+ or -] 5-20%) from those standard limits.
Students use Tubes to instantly create automatic bi-directional sharing spaces where everything shared - whether photos, videos, web site bookmarks or favorite music is automatically synchronized directly to the desktop of everyone who is part of that tube.
All returns filed within six months of their original due dates are automatically deemed to be timely filed.
By automatically troubleshooting problems in real-time, Zenprise quickly isolates the true cause of problems that can occur across the BlackBerry environment.
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