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have it on good authority

To know certain information from a reliable source. I have it on good authority that mom will take us out for ice cream if you finish your vegetables. Once that witness's story was verified, we had it on good authority that the man we'd arrested had in fact committed the crime.
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throw (oneself) on/at the mercy of (someone)

To plead with someone, especially a figure of authority, to show one lenience and mercy. I have no excuse for what I did; I can only throw myself on the mercy of the duke and beg for his forgiveness. She threw herself at the mercy of the court, arguing that her dependence on drugs led her to commit those crimes.
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carry (a lot of) weight (with someone or something)

Fig. to be very influential with someone or some group of people. Your argument does not carry a lot of weight with me. The senator's testimony carried a lot of weight with the council.
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carry one's (own) weight

 and pull one's (own) weight
Fig. to do one's share; to earn one's keep. (The weight is the burden that is the responsibility of someone.) Tom, you must be more helpful around the house. We each have to carry our own weight. Bill, I'm afraid that you can't work here anymore. You just haven't been carrying your weight.
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carry weight (with someone)

Fig. to have influence with someone; [for an explanation] to amount to a good argument to use with someone. That carries a lot of weight with the older folks. What you say carries no weight with me.
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throw oneself at the mercy of some authority

 and throw oneself on the mercy of some authority; throw oneself (up)on someone's mercy
Fig. to seek mercy from a court of law, especially at one's sentencing for a crime; to seek help from an official or institution. He pleaded guilty and threw himself at the mercy of the court. It did no good to throw myself on the mercy of the State Department. Please don't! I throw myself upon your mercy!
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carry weight

Also, carry authority or conviction . Exert influence, authority, or persuasion, as in No matter what the President says, his words always carry weight. Shakespeare combined two of these expressions in Henry VIII (3:2): "Words cannot carry authority so weighty." [c. 1600]
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have something on good authority

If you have something on good authority, you believe it is true because you trust the person who told you about it. I have it on good authority that there's no way this light can cause skin cancer. Note: This expression can be varied, for example by using get or be told instead of have. I'm told on good authority that you will be successful in your examinations.

carry weight

COMMON If a person or their opinion carries weight, they are respected and are able to influence people. Not only do men talk more, but what they say often carries more weight. El Tiempo is Colombia's leading newspaper and its opinions carry considerable weight in the country.
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have something on good authority

have ascertained something from a reliable source.

carry weight

be influential or important.
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have something on good auˈthority

be able to believe something because you trust the person who gave you the information: I have it on good authority that the chairman is going to resign.

carry ˈweight

be important or able to influence somebody: His opinions carry very little weight with his manager.
See also: carry, weight

carry weight

See also: carry, weight
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There are strong provisions to allow health authorities to examine and test people for disease and offer a broad range of treatments, including vaccination.
It allows for credentialling of health care providers and ensures that providers responding under the authority of state or local authorities are immune from liability except in the case of gross negligence or willful misconduct.
In most states, the public health authorities already have a broad range of powers to identify, contain and require the reporting of disease.
The Institute recommends that the United States adopt a consensual arbitration procedure where both Competent Authorities agree to binding arbitration, with taxpayer consent, if they are otherwise unable to reach agreement after two years.
The advances in consumer direction and governance, provider compensation and training, and service improvement and integration made possible by Public Authorities will only come to fruition with the additional federal commitment to and investment in quality home and community-based services that has been long overdue.
If, for the time being, the promise of Public Authorities swells the growing chorus of voices calling for increased federal support for home and community-based services and strengthens federal attention to consumer direction, quality of work, and organized representation of stakeholders in the service system as measures of progress and success, it will have done much good.
authorities resumed operations in foreign currencies in the early 1960s, after a hiatus of nearly thirty years.
For its part, the Federal Reserve used its swap drawings mostly to purchase dollars unwillingly held by foreign monetary authorities, thereby assuming the exchange rate risk on those holdings.
Both standards refer to the same set of authorities in Regs.
There appears to be some support in the case law for this treatment (as opposed to treatment as trade or business property triggering ordinary income), but the authorities do not involve facts analogous to those at hand.
We also recommend that a taxpayer choosing to forgo Appeals should not be required to waive its rights to a subsequent review by Appeals in the event the competent authorities fail to reach an agreement (or with respect to issues not considered by the Competent Authority).
91-23 provides that, as a condition to receiving Competent Authority assistance, a taxpayer must concede that it is not entitled to participate in the negotiations between competent authorities.
Our selection criteria during the procurement process have primarily concentrated on the various companies' experience and expertise, as well as good references from projects undertaken on behalf of local authorities in Sweden," says Stig Alund at the Scania Association of Local Authorities.
Broadband IT infrastructure makes local authorities attractive to both companies and people.
Any transaction to be adopted by the Authority must be approved by the Board of Trustees of the Authority and by the New York Public Authorities Control Board.
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