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under the auspices of (someone or something)

Under the protection, sponsorship, or patronage of; under the oversight, supervision, control, or management of. The whole exhibition, under the auspices of the National Organization for Women, aims to draw attention to the injustices women all over the world face every day. After the overthrow of the previous government, the country is now led by a dictator under the auspices of the US government.
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under the aegis of

Under the protection, sponsorship, or patronage of; under the supervision, control, or management of. This course will be offered under the aegis of the English Department. Although the program receives federal funding, it is run under the aegis of the state.
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under the aegis of someone

 and under the auspices of someone
Fig. under the sponsorship or protection of someone or some group; under the control or monitoring of someone or some group. The entire project fell under the aegis of Thomas. The entire program is under the auspices of Acme-Global Paper Co., Inc.
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under the aegis of

Also, under the auspices of. Protected or sponsored by, as in The fund drive for the new field is under the aegis of the Rotary Club, or He was admitted to the club under the auspices of Mr. Leonard. The first term comes from Greek myth, where the aegis was the protective shield of Zeus. Auspices originally meant "observations of birds made to obtain omens." It then came to be used for a sign or omen, and still later for a favorable influence. [Late 1700s]
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under the auspices of someone/something


under someone's/something's auspices

If something is done under the auspices of a particular person or organization, or under a person or organization's auspices, it is done with their control, support and approval. The study was carried out by a medical student under the auspices of the Centre for the Study of Alternative Therapies. Look at the manuscripts that were produced under his auspices.

under the auspices of

with the help, support, or protection of.
Auspice (since the late 18th century almost always used in the plural), comes from the Latin word auspicium , which means the act of divination carried out by an auspex in ancient Rome. The auspex observed the flight of birds in order to foretell future events. If the omens were favourable he was seen as the protector of the particular enterprise foretold.
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