audition for

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audition for

To perform in order to display one's abilities in an attempt to be granted a role in something (typically a role in a play). Are you auditioning for this year's spring musical? I'm going to sing that song when I audition for the play.

audition someone for something

to allow someone to try out for a part in a performance; to judge someone's singing, speaking, or playing potential for a part in a performance. Will you audition anyone else for the part? Have you been auditioned for a part in the school play?

audition for something

to try out for a part in something. (In a setting in which one's singing, speaking, or playing is heard and judged.) I plan to audition for the lead role in the school play. Liz auditioned for The Mikado.
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HIGH NOTE: Joe Gaunt, left and above, at the Liverpool auditions IN TUNE: Saxaphone player Joe Gaunt who has auditioned for Britain's Got Talent Pictures by KATIE LUNN
A couple of years later she auditioned for Dame Alicia Markova, then director of the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, who hired her in 1963.
Girls have only auditioned for spots in the drum line just in the last 10 years.
The '60s sexpot, who turns 65 this September, auditioned for the part of wholesome Mary Ann rather than the obvious character, Ginger.
Future "Friends" star Matthew Perry auditioned for the role of sweet Billy Campbell on "Melrose Place," but lost the role to Stephen Fanning.
When I auditioned for the Rockettes," says Lewis, "I was wearing a ballet-cut leotard.
In 1997, Cordray auditioned for the parent Kingsmen Shakespeare Company, but was not selected.
I auditioned for one company three times," says Thompson.
Dale's life turned again with the entrance of a beautiful young dancer/actress who auditioned for a show he was casting.
Dressed in a large brown dog suit, Palmdale resident Don Allen danced around the field of Lancaster Municipal Stadium trying to entertain judges Saturday as he auditioned for Lancaster JetHawks mascot.
He received a Rudolf Nureyev Foundation Scholarship when he auditioned for SAB in 1999 and moved from Charlotte, North Carolina, into the Meredith Willson Residence Hall at Lincoln Center, which houses both SAB and Juilliard School students.
After dancing for Disney, Quinn auditioned for the Rockettes and was one of four dancers chosen from a group of 600.
If so, you might have been tempted to join thousands of hopefuls who auditioned for Tharp
Finalists auditioned for five levels of monetary awards, from $100 (Level V) to $3,000 (Level 1).