audition for

audition for

To perform in order to display one's abilities in an attempt to be granted a role in something (typically a role in a play). Are you auditioning for this year's spring musical? I'm going to sing that song when I audition for the play.
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audition someone for something

to allow someone to try out for a part in a performance; to judge someone's singing, speaking, or playing potential for a part in a performance. Will you audition anyone else for the part? Have you been auditioned for a part in the school play?
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audition for something

to try out for a part in something. (In a setting in which one's singing, speaking, or playing is heard and judged.) I plan to audition for the lead role in the school play. Liz auditioned for The Mikado.
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@Omojuwa said, 'I have a problem with everyday Nigerians struggling across the country to audition for this thing, yet it appears they stood no chance from the beginning.
What is it like to walk out onto the stage at Boston's Symphony Hall and sit behind a screen to audition for this renowned orchestra, knowing that a committee is sitting on the other side of the screen, not far away, and evaluating every nuance of your playing?
Frontline passes are also available at the New York audition for those who will submit their application online together with a video of their act until Jan.
ASPIRING singers, dancers and performers are being encouraged to audition for a Bahrain production of Cats.
A spokesman said: "We want to give everyone the maximum opportunity to audition for the show whether they are an amateur artist, have had a management deal in the past or have one now."
WANNABE West End stars are being invited to audition for a national musical theatre company this weekend.
The dates for a separate audition for youth will be announced later.
ASPIRING ballet dancers are being given the chance to audition for Swan Lake.
Bosses say they hope more people than ever will audition for the eighth series, on screens in June.
For the convenience of all, the audition for the contestants from Kiphire was held at Tuensang, where the lone contestant from Kiphire, Thsaropi, made it to the screening round.
YOUNGSTERS are being invited to audition for a role in Aladdin which comes to South Wales this December.
Actors, whether seasoned or new, who regularly audition for musicals and plays should not omit taking at least a peek at the advice in The Complete Professional Audition: A Commonsense Guide To Auditioning For Musicals And Plays: it's a 'must' for would-be pros and provides an edge over the competition in both musical theater and regular play auditions, from locating the right music or monologue to demonstrating unique talents in a mere 2 minutes.
The audition for Lost Boys starts at 11.30am with auditions from noon to 1.30pm.
Whether you're a bunhead or a hip-hopper, our guide has just the audition for you.
If anything, the whole audition tape is likely to resemble Ian's future audition for the role of Grey.