audition for

audition for

To perform in order to display one's abilities in an attempt to be granted a role in something (typically a role in a play). Are you auditioning for this year's spring musical? I'm going to sing that song when I audition for the play.

audition someone for something

to allow someone to try out for a part in a performance; to judge someone's singing, speaking, or playing potential for a part in a performance. Will you audition anyone else for the part? Have you been auditioned for a part in the school play?

audition for something

to try out for a part in something. (In a setting in which one's singing, speaking, or playing is heard and judged.) I plan to audition for the lead role in the school play. Liz auditioned for The Mikado.
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edu/danceworkshops Deadline: TBA; Number awarded: 8-10 Requirements: Must be enrolled in PJC Summer Dance Workshop and audition for scholarships
Nearly 1,000 would-be contestants turned out Sunday at NBC Studios in Burbank to audition for the white-hot game show ``The Weakest Link,'' proof positive that Americans enjoy getting insulted almost as much as they like winning money.
Perhaps of greatest interest to aspiring actors and actresses, anyone who has ever dreamt of direct access to the world of entertainment, and who has dreamt of becoming a star, can hereby eliminate the expenses of travel or relocation in order to audition for a role in a film.
When classically-trained Kim Craven showed up to audition for talent agency Kazarian/Spencer & Associates in Los Angeles, she had on the standard uniform of her profession: leotard, tights, and a French twist.
A chance to audition for the newly created Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival Apprentice Company brought a procession of hopefuls to California Lutheran University.
For the 1998 Disney's Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra, which performed at the historic Ravinia Festival in Chicago, more than 1,000 young musicians were selected to audition for the orchestra from more than 8,000 applications received from all over the country.
She didn't plan to audition for ODG/San Francisco--a modern company--but she's glad she did.
With computers, organizing an audition for an episode of ``Diagnosis Murder,'' for instance, can be completed in minutes instead of hours or days.
PHOTO (1) Cassandra Costogue, left, Bret Davidson and Anna Lashmet sing ``I Got You Babe'' at a Thursday audition for a Sonny and Cher film.
He plans to audition for Culture Shock and believes that the organization prepares its dancers like any good school.
Zorro is a lot like Superman and Clark Kent,'' said theater director Alan Hunt, explaining a scene to four youngsters about to audition for the two-act musical ``Zorro, the Be-Bop Bandito.
For two weeks I've lain awake at night freaking out at having to audition for a job.
They and more than 50 other eclectic performers showed up Thursday to audition for the chance to wow crowds along Universal's CityWalk.
The next time you feel doubt getting a grip on you, please remember that not everyone is invited to audition for OCHSA.
3) Music teacher Gail Mellert and daughter Jaimie listen to one of her students, Tim Braun, audition for the Disney Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra at Mount St.