audition for

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audition for

To perform in order to display one's abilities in an attempt to be granted a role in something (typically a role in a play). Are you auditioning for this year's spring musical? I'm going to sing that song when I audition for the play.

audition someone for something

to allow someone to try out for a part in a performance; to judge someone's singing, speaking, or playing potential for a part in a performance. Will you audition anyone else for the part? Have you been auditioned for a part in the school play?

audition for something

to try out for a part in something. (In a setting in which one's singing, speaking, or playing is heard and judged.) I plan to audition for the lead role in the school play. Liz auditioned for The Mikado.
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Audition dates: TBD (London, UK; New York, NY; Rome, Italy)
One-year positions with the Eugene Symphony Orchestra for section first violin, section viola and assistant horn will be filled by auditions on Nov.
The Warrington auditions take place between 10am-1pm.
HIGH NOTE: Joe Gaunt, left and above, at the Liverpool auditions IN TUNE: Saxaphone player Joe Gaunt who has auditioned for Britain's Got Talent Pictures by KATIE LUNN
Audition dates: Jan 6 (San Francisco, CA), Jan 13 (Houston, TX), Jan 20 (Miami Beach, FL), Jan 27 (Chicago, IL), Feb 3 (New York, NY), Feb 10 (Atlanta, GA), Feb 11 (Boston, MA).
The Very Little Theatre will hold auditions for the dark comedy "Wonder of the World" from 1 p.
This is part of the nationwide audition tour, which is visiting more than 40 towns and cities across the country.
Others spend energies frequently debating and revising audition rules and regulations.
Judges Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw arrive for the Manchester audition |
This year organisers have arranged the biggest-ever audition tour of Ireland and the UK looking for contestants for what remains the biggest talent show on these islands.
From this unique perspective, she formed Holly Powell Studios, with her mission being to demystify the audition process for actors.
The final homework assignment for my audition preparation class was to take Greene's seven principles and, consolidating all the information students studied in class over several semesters and my personal experience, develop a list of actions, thoughts, and philosophies to focus on in the face of an upcoming audition.
Participants will be able to record a 60 second audition, which will then be evaluated by a panel of judges, to select participants for a second round of auditions.
On Saturday, July 13, we will be holding open auditions on the Cardiff New Theatre stage, which will involve Time Warp dance tuition and a group audition followed by a singing audition.
And you'll get a chance much closer to home anyway, because the X Factor audition bus will again be stopping off in Middlesbrough, producers have confirmed.