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auction off

To sell an item to the highest bidder. We're auctioning off a car at the charity event this year.
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Dutch auction

An auction in which the asking price is set high and then lowered until someone buys the item. What is this, a Dutch auction? Why is the auctioneer starting out at $1,000 for that piece of junk?
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auction something off

to sell something [to the highest bidder] at an auction. He auctioned his home off. He auctioned off his home. The duke was forced to auction off his ancestral home to pay his taxes.
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Dutch auction

an auction or sale that starts off with a high asking price that is then reduced until a buyer is found. (Viewed by some as insulting to the Dutch.) Dutch auctions are rare—most auctioneers start with a lower price than they hope to obtain. My real estate agent advised me to ask a reasonable price for my house rather than get involved with a Dutch auction.
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*up for auction

Fig. to be sold at an auction. (*Typically: be ~; come ~; go ~; put something ~.) The old farm where I lived as a child is up for auction.
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auction off

To sell something to the person who offers the highest amount of money, at or as at an auction: We don't need this table anymore, so we should auction it off. To clear out the warehouse, the company auctioned off the old inventory.
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AMEX:AAC) is a high-tech liquidator and on-line auction facilitator that operates the domains iCollector.
The days prior to and following the auction are often more critical than the actual auction itself, said Kosa, who recently managed a successful auction of medical-office condominiums, called Health Care Place, in Rego Park, Queens.
NEW YORK -- The greatest rock 'n' roll memorabilia auction of all-time will be a public, all access affair, when VOOM's TREASURE HD Presents: The Dick Clark Auction Live on December 6th.
Carlton recently decided to run the auctioning activities of the firm through a separate company marketing company -- Carlton Property Auctions -- of which Birbach will be president.
In an innovative, easy-to-use platform, cMarket's new SmarterAuction feature drills down the data collected from 1,500 cMarket auctions in more than a dozen cause categories to help its nonprofit clients run a more successful auction.
Tad Bickley, of Best of the West Auctions, states, "Best of the West Auctions has conducted several dozen online auctions with iCollector and others.
I can now relax in the weeks leading up to my sale, knowing that my auction is receiving proper attention.
As an online auction facilitator, the Company, with the experience of over 3,000 auctions, has developed state-of-the-art technology to broadcast auctions over the Internet (www.
The auction will be showcasing items such as a 10 piece mahogany dining room set and sideboard, a mahogany slant-front desk carved with the State Seal of Delaware, a Van Briggle Pottery collection, as well as paintings by Delaware artist Henry Progar and other Delaware artists.
Heritage Auction Galleries, established in 1976, is the world's largest collectibles auctioneer with 262,869 members.
Wood Vice President Bryant Wood said, "We are seeing tremendous results from our online auctions and NAALive does a great job of adding to the excitement of our live auctions.
com (AMEX:AAC) announced today that it will host C&P Numismatic Coin's "TICF" auction September 29th and September 30th, 2006 on eBay Live Auctions through its subsidiary iCollector.
com (AMEX:AAC) announced today that it will host Superior Galleries' "Pre-Long Beach Elite Coin Auction" on September 10th through September 12th, 2006 on eBay Live Auctions through its subsidiary iCollector.
Inland Real Estate Auctions will be announcing the successful results of this sale in coming weeks.
As auctions become more mainstream in the commercial real estate industry, a growing number of traditional real estate brokerage firms are finding that partnering with auction firms can be highly beneficial.