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auction off

To sell an item to the highest bidder. We're auctioning off a car at the charity event this year.
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Dutch auction

An auction in which the asking price is set high and then lowered until someone buys the item. What is this, a Dutch auction? Why is the auctioneer starting out at $1,000 for that piece of junk?
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up for auction

Available to be sold at an auction. The banker's family estate had to be put up for auction to cover some of his mounting debt. A lot of the famous singer's memorabilia are up for auction this Saturday.
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auction something off

to sell something [to the highest bidder] at an auction. He auctioned his home off. He auctioned off his home. The duke was forced to auction off his ancestral home to pay his taxes.
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Dutch auction

an auction or sale that starts off with a high asking price that is then reduced until a buyer is found. (Viewed by some as insulting to the Dutch.) Dutch auctions are rare—most auctioneers start with a lower price than they hope to obtain. My real estate agent advised me to ask a reasonable price for my house rather than get involved with a Dutch auction.
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*up for auction

Fig. to be sold at an auction. (*Typically: be ~; come ~; go ~; put something ~.) The old farm where I lived as a child is up for auction.
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auction off

To sell something to the person who offers the highest amount of money, at or as at an auction: We don't need this table anymore, so we should auction it off. To clear out the warehouse, the company auctioned off the old inventory.
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05-H, size 3166.66 against 68,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.215,332,880/- was auctioned. Similarly, Plot No.1-E, size 133.33 sq.yd, Margalla Town against Rs,206,000/- per sq.yd, total Rs.27,465,980/- was auctioned.
AUCTIONED 11AM - NOON: Two tickets to a Boyzone concert at the ECHO arena in February including a meal with wine and a stay at the Jury's Inn Liverpool AUCTIONED NOON - 1PM: Fire fighter Experience - Adrenaline day with the Fire Brigade AUCTIONED NOON - 1PM: Hollyoaks Tour, meet some of the cast and have a walk on part AUCTIONED 1PM - 2PM: Makeover at Herbert's of Liverpool AUCTIONED 1PM - 2PM: Chaophraya cookery course AUCTIONED 1PM - 2PM: Lunch in the players' lounge at Melwood training ground and meet some of the Liverpool team AUCTIONED 2PM -3PM: Philip Armstrong Designer Dress - an exclusive fitting and your very own Philip Armstrong couture piece.
Two identical objects are auctioned in sequence to three bidders.
Competitive bidders, the bulk of whom are the thirty-nine dealers designated as primary dealers by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, submit sealed bids specifying the dollar amounts of the security the bidder is willing to buy at each yield.(2) Noncompetitive bidders submit a quantity bid, up to $1 million for bills and $5 million for notes and bonds, but do not specify any yield; the total amount of noncompetitive bids is subtracted from the dollar amount of the security to be auctioned, and what remains is available for competitive bidding.(3)
Since other parties cannot react, the Treasury receives only a modestly higher price for its auctioned securities, but the major price action awaits secondary market trading.
During the second day of auction ie Tuesday, six residential plots were auctioned for Rs 230 million while on the first day of auction 25 residential plots were sold out for Rs 1024 million.
On the 3rd day of auction, six commercial plots were auctioned against over 713 million rupees.
11, Sector F-6/2 measuring 160 square yard was auctioned at the rate of Rs.800,000/- per square yard.
During the four days auction, residential plots located in the pure developed sectors and commercial plots located at prime locations would be auctioned.
On the second day 11 numbers of commercial plots of different sizes in the developed sectors were auctioned at the record price which fetched Rs.2.4 billion
Properties to be auctioned on December 17th include two Riverside Drive apartment buildings with spectacular Hudson River views at 583 and 587 Riverside Drive; and two Orange County, NY properties.
For many years, the process by which Treasury securities are auctioned or otherwise placed in the market has worked very well.
8, 9, 10, 29 and 30 each measuring 266.66 square yard were auctioned at the rate of Rs.
The 67,000 square-foot retail condominium, with 36 stores fronting on East 8th Street, Broadway and University Place in New York City, is one of the 270 properties across the country being auctioned by the Grubb & Ellis/Ross-Dove Company Auction Partnership in the largest commercial real estate auction ever held in the United States.
Success for the sales technique in these tough times requires focused marketing and packaging programs targeted to obtain market value for the housing being auctioned.