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like attracts like

People tend to seek out or be attracted to those that are similar or like-minded. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that John wants to find other Americans to hang out with. Like attracts like, after all. I know that like attracts like, but you should try associating with people with some more diverse perspectives on life.
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opposites attract

Unlike people tend to be drawn to each other. A: "I have no idea why Ben and Julia are together when they have such different interests." B: "Well, opposites attract, right?" I know firsthand that opposites attract because my wife and I are very different people and have a very happy marriage!
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you attract more flies with honey than vinegar

You are more apt to get the results you want when you use kindness, rather than anger or aggression. I think the kids would visit you more if you were nicer to them. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar, you know. A: "The board rejected my proposal!" B: "Well, maybe if you didn't scream at them every time something went wrong, they would be more eager to work with you. After all, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar."

attract to

To entice and thus draw toward. A noun can be used between "attract" and "to." Watch out, bees are attracted to those flowers! A nice business card can attract a lot of new clients to your company. My sister has always been attracted to fashion.
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attract (someone or something) to (someone or something else)

to draw or pull someone or something to someone or something else. The poster attracted a large number of people to the concert. The shouting attracted a lot of attention from the people who were nearby.
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ˌopposites atˈtract

used to say that people who are very different are often attracted to each other: ‘Aren’t you surprised that Peter and Sally are together?’ ‘A little. But they say opposites attract, don’t they?’
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attract to

1. To exert a force or influence on something that tends to draw it toward something else: Bright colors attract insects to flowers. Many different kinds of metal are attracted to magnets.
2. To arouse in someone or something an interest or desire for something else: I've always been attracted to movies from the 1960s.
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Rincon-Vitova Insectaries in Ventura offers seed blends for attracting beneficial bugs through its Web site at www.
The AICPA scholarship programs are a means of attracting and retaining quality students and educators to accounting.
A recent example illustrates how the size of the city can actually work against attracting federal funds.
The polymer seems to enhance plant growth, presumably by attracting positively charged soil nutrients that the roots absorb.
In a declining scale, rural areas are somewhat better off, and the north's five larger centres have the least trouble attracting general practitioners.
SFTA connects IT leaders to grow Information Technology (IT) businesses and create critical mass in the IT community by attracting and retaining qualified workforce, new business opportunities, and capital resources.
Trumpet vines, all of which are visited by hummingbirds, are not known, in particular, for attracting bees.
In the past, supermarkets have had a reputation for attracting vermin (today, this problem is uncommon due to strictly enforced health requirements in New York City), and the trend toward later or all-night hours can create a neigh-borhood destination that attracts too much traffic.
However, even road-accessed communities such as Red Lake are having trouble attracting specialists.
Garbers from the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center in Dallas, have found a fluid in some women's ovaries that acts as a powerful chemical magnet for attracting sperm cells.
Arsenal's defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League final attracted the UK's biggest television audience for a football match in the 2005-06 season, attracting a combined 12.
Their renovations, therefore, have become essential in attracting and maintaining tenancy.
But contrary to traditional models of primate behavior, friendship outweighs fierceness as a means of attracting sexually receptive females, according to Shirley C.
He tapped more thoroughly into the automotive industry, creating rich-featured Web sites aimed at attracting the growing number of car buyers who head to the Internet before visiting the dealership.
She added that the issue of not attracting career politicians was already taken care of by the state's voters when they approved term limits.