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cop an attitude

slang To act irritably. Don't cop an attitude with me, young lady, or I'll take away your allowance! All of a sudden, John copped an attitude—I guess he was unhappy with the change in plans.
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devil-may-care attitude

A nonchalant attitude, especially toward risks or consequences. I can't believe he went out on his motorcycle in this rain. His devil-may-care attitude is going to get him killed. If you keep up this devil-may-care attitude toward your money, you'll be broke in no time.
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with attitude

Especially intense, impressive, or demanding of attention. She has now built an entire media empire on being a nanny with attitude, one who won't tolerate the bad behavior of children or parents alike. It's not quite rock climbing—more like hiking with attitude.
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cop an attitude

Sl. to take a negative or opposite attitude about something. My teenage son copped an attitude when I asked why he seemed to be sneaking around.
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devil-may-care attitude

 and devil-may-care manner
a very casual attitude; a worry-free or carefree attitude. You must get rid of your devil-may-care attitude if you want to succeed. She acts so thoughtless—with her devil-may-care manner.
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have a bad attitude

to have a negative outlook on things; to be uncooperative. Perry has a bad attitude and has nothing positive to contribute to the conversation.
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wait-and-see attitude

Fig. a skeptical attitude; an uncertain attitude in which someone will just wait to see what happens before reacting. John thought that Mary couldn't do it, but he took a wait-and-see attitude. His wait-and-see attitude seemed to indicate that he didn't really care what happened.
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with attitude

If you describe a thing as something or someone with attitude, you mean that they are more impressive or confident than a normal example of that thing. This is going to be sailing with attitude. Patti Smith and Janis Joplin were women with attitude and talent.
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strike a ˈpose/an ˈattitude

sit, stand or lie in a position in order to attract attention: He was striking a pose, leaning against the ship’s rail.
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n. a police officer’s nightstick; any club. Andy had a black attitude-adjuster hanging from his belt, and I wasn’t going to argue with him.

cop an attitude

tv. to take a negative or opposite attitude about something. (see also tude.) I think you’re copping an attitude. Not advised, dude. Not advised.
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pull an attitude

tv. to be haughty; to put on airs. Don’t pull an attitude with me, chum!
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In this way they distance themselves attitudinally from dominant societal perspectives on substance abuse and treatment.
arrogance--whether reflected attitudinally (in the news pages) or
Slower responses to step three's attitudinally "unfamiliar" pairs (Disabled Athlete--Pleasant and Able-Bodied Athlete--Unpleasant) than to step five's familiar pairs (Disabled Athlete--Unpleasant and Able-Bodied Athlete--Pleasant) imply that the unfamiliar pairs are harder to retrieve.
True survey methodology can test product concept, but only attitudinally.
Employees self-reported on the items in the questionnaire, as all variables in the study are considered to be perceptual and/or attitudinally related.
29) However it will only be effective if providers are orientated attitudinally towards providing information and empowering girls needing contraception.
Marketers find this consumer group to be highly individualistic and diverse-- ethnically, culturally, and attitudinally (17).
A segment may be defined in various ways (demographically, psychographically, attitudinally, behaviorally) but is always a group of consumers who currently or potentially value the brand idea.
2) Attitudinally, a majority of public opinion holds the belief that democratic procedures and institutions are the most appropriated means of governing collective life in a society.
Conservatives are not distinct demographically or attitudinally, scoring "average" in most aspects.
For both adult and child alike, it is appropriate to repeat just one or two words from the utterance of a conversational partner to comment attitudinally.
How do you ensure a representative sample, both attitudinally and demographically?
Of interest would be the degree to which graduates of such schools actually recognize such a problem or share the feeling that they were attitudinally under-prepared for the demands that the world of work might place on them.
The aim is to present data that are not just demographically representative, but also attitudinally representative.
Health and wellness consumer lifestyles and behaviors cut across demographics both attitudinally and behaviorally; the customer can shop as many as 15 channels," James noted.