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attire (someone/oneself) in

To clothe in something. I attired myself in a beautiful gown for the gala. She attires her newborn in the cutest clothes.
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attire someone in something

to dress someone in something. The mother attired her children in new, clean clothes. She attired herself in her finest garments.
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While making positive changes and adjustments that would make a pediatric dental practice look more acceptable to children, consideration must also be given to what type of attire a dentist should wear.
The majority of the children in this study preferred their dentist wearing traditional white coat attire which is consistent with the results of other studies that have examined children's preferences toward dentist attire.
Child friendly attire was the second most favored among the children and parents supporting the findings of Kuscu et al15 who suggested wearing "Child friendly attire" in anxious children, to enhance easy first communication.
The majority of the children and parents in this study preferred their dentist wearing traditional white coat attire, followed by child-friendly attire.
Effect of doctor's attire on the trust and confidence of patients.
Children's and parents' attitudes towards dentists' attire.
Preferences of dentists' attire in a group of Istanbul school children related to dental anxiety.
Patient and officer attitudes on physician attire and etiquette.
The present study is the first to put the "child friendly" concept into the formal-informal attire equilibrium of photographic demonstrations over the past two decades.
A few medical studies examined "children's preferences" for doctors' attire and contradictory results were reported.
In the present study, the formal attire was the most preferred attire by children
This early familiarisation with white coats may also lead to a bias in favour of formal attire and/or a preconception.
Physicians' attire as perceived by young children and their parents: the myth of the white coat syndrome.
Impact of pediatricians' attire on children and parents.
Table 1 Preference ratings for paediatric dentists' attire displayed to a group of Istanbul children.