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attire (someone/oneself) in

To clothe in something. I attired myself in a beautiful gown for the gala. She attires her newborn in the cutest clothes.
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attire someone in something

to dress someone in something. The mother attired her children in new, clean clothes. She attired herself in her finest garments.
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During this period Whig aristocrats modestly attired in their three-piece suits utilized old ideas of hierarchy.
He's also going out to Woodward to teach camp where he will now be attired in Fox Racing pads of his own design.
Regardless of the setting, McClendon says she feels quite comfortable and appropriately attired.
Their singing is accompanied by the frenetic dancing of the Safari Sisters, attired in bright yellow-and-black jackets and wearing black boots.
Actress Lynn Whitfield always is elegantly and tastefully attired.