attire in

attire (someone/oneself) in

To clothe in something. I attired myself in a beautiful gown for the gala. She attires her newborn in the cutest clothes.
See also: attire

attire someone in something

to dress someone in something. The mother attired her children in new, clean clothes. She attired herself in her finest garments.
See also: attire
References in classic literature ?
The very air and manner with which the member haughtily maintained itself over the coarse and even wild attire in which the rest of his frame was clad, bespoke not only familiarity with a splendor that in those new settlements was thought to be unequalled, but something very like contempt also.
He unlocked his trunk and got his suit of girl's clothes out from under the male attire in it, and laid it by.
Hospitals and health systems can take progressive action by implementing methods, technologies and interventions to maximize protection for healthcare personnel and minimize the role of contaminated attire in the occupational transmission of pathogens.
Healthcare Personnel Attire in Non-Operating-Room Settings.
This study highlighted that children rate formal attire in the form of the traditional white coat and mask (13%) and formal shirt (8%) highly, in agreement with Marino et al.
THE GAA has confirmed that Masita Ireland has been granted an official GAA kit license which will allow the company to produce playing attire in Ireland for clubs, schools and colleges.
The work is marvelous for its diversity - Old Regime male attire in brocades, silks, velvets, and laces contrasted with Second Empire "black" in frock coats, trousers, and pipe hats; feminine dress between 1760 and 1937 reduced to 178 years of the bustled, tubular and bell-shaped; the rise of ready-made clothing; and the birth of the grand magasin, which created "vestimentary democracy" (for the bourgeoisie if not peasants and proletarians) by bringing products and buyers together.
Despite the encroachment of casual attire in the workplace, 85.
Tire Attire: Members of USA Swimming display their tire attire in a photo shoot for Goodyear before the start of the Sydney Games.
Even more people (75 percent) would be willing to give up casual attire in the workplace if it helped them advance their careers faster and obtain better pay.
MINNEAPOLIS, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- As temperatures soar, restrictions about attire in the workplace frequently drop.