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Attic salt

A shrewd, cutting, or subtle humor or wit. Also referred to as "Attic wit." Marianne was known to pepper her conversation with a bit of Attic salt, so she was quite popular at dinner parties.
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Attic wit

A shrewd, cutting, or subtle humor or wit. Also referred to as "Attic salt." He lays on the Attic wit a bit too often for my taste; I can never tell when he's being serious.
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have toys in the attic

To be crazy; to act, think, or behave in an eccentric, foolish, or nonsensical manner. Tommy must have toys in the attic if he thinks he can convince our mother to let him get a tattoo for his birthday. There's an old lady who stands on the corner yelling at strangers all day. I think she might have toys in the attic.
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queer in the attic

slang Mentally impaired, either due to stupidity or intoxication. In this phrase, "attic" is used as a synonym for "one's mind." I have no idea what I told you last night—I'd been at the pub for a while before you got there, so I was a little queer in the attic. Is he queer in the attic? How could he make such a reckless decision?
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n. the head, thought of as the location of one’s intellect. She’s just got nothing in the attic. That’s what’s wrong with her.
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