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Attic salt

A shrewd, cutting, or subtle humor or wit. Also referred to as "Attic wit." Marianne was known to pepper her conversation with a bit of Attic salt, so she was quite popular at dinner parties.
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Attic wit

A shrewd, cutting, or subtle humor or wit. Also referred to as "Attic salt." He lays on the Attic wit a bit too often for my taste; I can never tell when he's being serious.
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have toys in the attic

To be crazy; to act, think, or behave in an eccentric, foolish, or nonsensical manner. Tommy must have toys in the attic if he thinks he can convince our mother to let him get a tattoo for his birthday. There's an old lady who stands on the corner yelling at strangers all day. I think she might have toys in the attic.
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queer in the attic

slang Mentally impaired, either due to stupidity or intoxication. In this phrase, "attic" is used as a synonym for "one's mind." I have no idea what I told you last night—I'd been at the pub for a while before you got there, so I was a little queer in the attic. Is he queer in the attic? How could he make such a reckless decision?
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n. the head, thought of as the location of one’s intellect. She’s just got nothing in the attic. That’s what’s wrong with her.
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When we reside in an attic we enjoy a supper of fried fish and stout.
Well, my husband found them pretty easily recently when he was in the attic a lot to repair the SpacePack A/C.
Available in 300 CFM, the Attic Vac 300 includes a 240 V single phase motor and 28 ft2 of Ruwac's industry-leading MicroClean filtration (with the option to upgrade to HEPA.
Attic Radiant Barriers (RBs) present a different way of increasing the thermal performance of existing or to-be-installed insulation in the space between roofs and ceilings of buildings (e.
Out-of-this world goodies include an alien figurine, keyring, cup, Aliens In The Attic sticker set and Aliens In The Attic bag.
com for information on screening times for Aliens in the Attic, from Wednesday, August 12.
For a while, developer Robert Hall persuaded city building officials that the space was, in fact, an attic.
According to Astris Energi, Mobile Attic will evaluate the suitability of the AFC generators as a clean power solution for the company's portable self-storage product.
But you'll get more bang for your buck by starting in the attic and basement/crawlspace.
Internally the passage of light has been carefully orchestrated with the attic form serving as an enormous skylight for the podium beneath.
It is not known how long the body had been in the attic, but police said it could have being there for some time.
London-based Attic employs 130 people and achieved turnover of pounds 36.
Guided by moonlight, Emma approached the attic stairs.
Intact canal wall mastoidectomy, also known as canal-wall-up mastoidectomy, involves removal of the mastoid cortex and dissection of the middle fossa tegmen, sigmoid sinus, antrum, and attic.
Chief executive of Attic Futura, Nell Raaschou, said: "The decision to partner with EMAP, BBC and Haymarket, who all make up Frontline, is a strategic one based on the company's growth and a desire to take a more active role in the strategy of the distribution company responsible for our titles.