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With all of the mortgage refinance activity of the past year, I have received numerous calls from mortgage lenders requesting letters attesting to my tax clients' past and future income.
An affidavit attesting to conditions that exist or do not exist can be rebutted within 30 days by either party.
and Moray Dewhurst, chief financial officer, Friday filed sworn statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission attesting to the completeness and accuracy of FPL Group's most recent annual and quarterly financial reports.
In an attest engagement, the practitioner is attesting to, or providing assurance on, subject matter that is the responsibility of another party.
Stephen Ward of First National Lincoln Corporation (Nasdaq NM: FNLC) today announced that they intend to voluntarily comply, on behalf of the Company, with recently announced SEC requirements attesting to the accuracy of financial information released by the largest U.
Unlike many other companies, for the past 13 years the Management of First National Lincoln Corporation has issued a signed statement attesting to the accuracy of our financial information," noted Mr.
Independence has long been the bedrock of the accounting profession and is a critical prerequisite for attesting to the fair presentation of financial information.
The 1979 SEC rule proposal, Statement of Management on Internal Accounting Control, would have increased management's reporting responsibility and required auditors to expand their oversight roles by attesting to management's assertions.