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Attentional retraining can reduce chocolate consumption.
Intranasal oxytocin attenuates attentional bias for eating and fat shape stimuli in patients with anorexia nervosa.
Additionally, it is deviation sound effects, as opposed to the changing state sound effect that results from a disengagement of attentional selectivity from the serial recall task.
One line of inquiry on attentional focus has compared the relative effectiveness of adopting an internal versus an external focus when learning and performing motor skills.
The main hypotheses are: (1) reduction in anxiety and worry is greater after ABMT than after sham ABMT; (2) reduction in attentional bias is greater after ABMT than after sham ABMT; and (3) change in attentional bias is associated with changes in anxiety and worry.
Moreover, as behavioral measures of attentional functioning, CBCL scales were also included since they have been shown to be a highly discriminative instrument in ADHD evaluation.
Research into the effects of attentional focus on movement skills with an aesthetic emphasis (e.g., dance, gymnastics, and figure skating) are limited.
Attentional behavior and attention-associated brainwaves during a votable concept mapping activity
Thus, we focused on replicating and extending their results by using different types of stimuli and different attentional tasks.
Then, a stepwise discriminant analysis was performed to determine if active and inactive participants could be discriminated based on the following variables: age, gender, body mass index (BMI), perceived health status, depression, barriers' self-efficacy, and cognitive strategies (internal memory and attentional control).
The current study aimed to investigate cognitive domains of trait impulsivity rather than motor impulsivity and therefore only BIS-11 second-order attentional and nonplanning subscale scores are presented.
Although a meta-analysis [2] reported nonsignificant effects of psychological factors on attentional bias toward pain-related information, fMRI research investigating the mechanism of pain experience revealed that pain catastrophizing influences pain perceptions by increasing an individual's attention toward pain-related stimuli [6].
Furthermore, no research has investigated the neural mechanisms of attentional bias induced by examination stress in test-anxious subjects.
Further theoretical and practical understanding is needed of the effect of the aesthetic attributes of current college campus landscapes on student attentional capacity in the wake of new 21st-century distractions.
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