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attend to

To focus one's efforts or attention on someone or something. Your father is doing well, post-surgery—a nurse is attending to him now. Someone needs to attend to this leaky ceiling before the whole floor floods!

attend to someone or something

to take care of the needs of someone or something; to respond to a request or demand from someone or something. Please attend to your wounded friend. Would you please attend to the action points of this memo?

attend to someone

to listen to someone. Please attend to your teacher's instructions. Attend to the announcement of the new flight departure time.

attend to

1. To deal with some business: I can't talk now as I have some urgent affairs to attend to.
2. To help or look after someone or something: A good host attends to the needs of every guest. After the accident, the paramedics came quickly to attend to my injuries.
3. To listen or pay attention to someone or something: Be sure to attend to everything they say at the meeting.
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The data show that, at least in terms of the way Catholics practice their faith, attending a Catholic high school makes a difference.
Neal Arsenault, will be attending University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
attendees received no points attending the help-sessions, nor were they given hints about the exam).
This was coming from a new teacher who now lived only 40 minutes from the university, would not need to stay in a hotel, would pay a low first-time conference fee and had even taken my pedagogy course where I repeatedly stressed the importance of attending professional conferences
Attending a UCLA Leadership Institute is a career-enhancing opportunity unlike any other.
A principal purpose for attending the institution must be medical care;
Fans attending the game really enjoyed the DAV base-ball video:" said Commander Andrade.
Deadline: 02-07-05; Number Awarded: 1 For attending Jazz Dance World Congress; choreographic experience and ballet a plus
One wonders what the effect of attending class, or its corollary class attendance, has on test grades in a class.
Additionally, the hefty price tag of attending the P-town gathering (it can cost thousands to bring a family with kids, once air travel is included') keeps many families from attending.
facility administrators must realize that the compensation a physician receives for his/her administrative responsibilities as medical director is separate from his/her patient practice as an attending physician.
Allen is currently attending Mississippi State University, majoring in public relations.
The Goodyear Medal Award consists of $6,000, a framed certificate, lifetime Rubber Division membership and $1,000 for expenses incurred incidental to attending the awards ceremony, as well as two nights lodging at the Division meeting.
When comparable samples and measuring sticks are used, the improvement in test scores for black students from attending a small class based on the Tennessee STAR experiment is about 50 percent larger than the gain from switching to a private school based on the voucher experiments in New York City, Washington, D.