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attend to

To focus one's efforts or attention on someone or something. Your father is doing well, post-surgery—a nurse is attending to him now. Someone needs to attend to this leaky ceiling before the whole floor floods!
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attend to someone or something

to take care of the needs of someone or something; to respond to a request or demand from someone or something. Please attend to your wounded friend. Would you please attend to the action points of this memo?
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attend to someone

to listen to someone. Please attend to your teacher's instructions. Attend to the announcement of the new flight departure time.
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attend to

1. To deal with some business: I can't talk now as I have some urgent affairs to attend to.
2. To help or look after someone or something: A good host attends to the needs of every guest. After the accident, the paramedics came quickly to attend to my injuries.
3. To listen or pay attention to someone or something: Be sure to attend to everything they say at the meeting.
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After his prayers, he attended the 'Majlis Iftar Muhibbah Bersama YB Akmal Nasrullah Nasir' programme at the Johor Baru Gurdwara Sahib which was just next to the mosque.
She will attend a community reception at Hotel Okura around 20:30 (Japan time) on the same day.
Besides, the police officials also attend courses arranged through foreign funds and NGOs to introduce them to modern techniques and equipment.
He described it is a good decision but stressed that we should also stress upon our friendly countries to stop Sushma Sawaraj to attend the meeting.
Qureshi will attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the Kartarpur border corridor on November 28.
Earlier, as Nawaz arrived at the Parliament House, Shahbaz received him and the two met each other briefly after which the Pakistan Muslim League-N president went to attend the National Assembly session.
Maulana Fazl failed to convince former premier Nawaz to attend the APC," sources said.
Su arrived in Washington late Friday morning, so he was unable to attend the morning service.
Most of those who attended this year's SONA were first-timers.
Those aged between six to 17 and who do not attend school cited lack of school fees (18.7 per cent), refusal by parents (19.2 per cent), lack of interest (11.2 per cent) and the need to help at home (11.6 per cent) while 23.1 per cent said they were too young to go to school.
A'Keeriyanna Jones -- Greenwood, Miss (will attend University of Mississippi)
Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, are also expected to attend Trump's inaugural ceremony, reportedly saying in a statement that they were looking forward to witnessing "the peaceful transfer of power." Bush's father, George H.W.
Joshua Kainoa Pulmano Schwartzlow-will attend Saint Martin's University.
| BROTHERS: Aaron and Ethan Verburg, aged | BROTHERS: Aaron and Ethan Verburg, aged | |nine, live in Liverpool and attend St Francis De Sales.
Summary paragraph: Throughout the year, those who work with retirement plans can find a number of conferences to attend in order to add to their career knowledge.