attend to

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attend to

To focus one's efforts or attention on someone or something. Your father is doing well, post-surgery—a nurse is attending to him now. Someone needs to attend to this leaky ceiling before the whole floor floods!

attend to someone or something

to take care of the needs of someone or something; to respond to a request or demand from someone or something. Please attend to your wounded friend. Would you please attend to the action points of this memo?

attend to someone

to listen to someone. Please attend to your teacher's instructions. Attend to the announcement of the new flight departure time.

attend to

1. To deal with some business: I can't talk now as I have some urgent affairs to attend to.
2. To help or look after someone or something: A good host attends to the needs of every guest. After the accident, the paramedics came quickly to attend to my injuries.
3. To listen or pay attention to someone or something: Be sure to attend to everything they say at the meeting.
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Nivedhitha Selvaraj -- Spring, Texas (will attend University of Texas at Austin)
Former presidents are always invited to attend inauguration events.
Erica Anderson, daughter of Eric Anderson and Robin LeRoy, will attend Mass.
When asked about why they attend Mass, Catholic schooling also makes a difference.
On the first day of classes, 85% of students indicated that they would attend at least one help-session.
After considering information on food costs (approximately $65 not counting bar costs), evaluating Bob's prospective duties, and taking into account Bob's arrival at the gaining commend before the date of the party, the new agency decided that he could attend the event.
What's more, women don't receive opportunities to attend executive education programs as often as men do; in some cases, they may be overlooked by their companies or they simply don't know they can--and should--ask for such development.
Charley, who led the organization nearly four decades ago, informed us that he wouldn't be able to attend this year's conference in San Diego, but he extended good wishes to everyone who attended, including Morris Rinehart, our 1964-1965 president, who "stole the show" last year when TEI returned (alas, without the Gebhardts) to New Orleans.
In March the Arizona Dental Assistants Association invited me to attend the annual AzDA meeting in Phoenix.
Given that blacks and whites have relatively little overlap in the schools they attend, differences in school quality could well explain why black students are losing ground.
Deadline: 04-11-05; Number Awarded: 2 For college tuition; must submit video and attend a LADF event
Attend an InfoComm seminar for the highest level technical courses in the industry.
One interesting aspect of the current study was our specific comparison between the scores of students who attended class with those who did not attend.