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last-ditch attempt

A final effort or attempt to solve a problem or avoid failure or defeat, especially after a series of failures or setbacks. The home team is mounting one last-ditch attempt in the final seconds of the game to try to force an overtime showdown. In a last-ditch attempt to avoid a government shutdown, congress has pushed forward a new spending bill.
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a ˌlast-ditch ˈstand/atˈtempt/ˈeffort

a final attempt to avoid defeat: They are making a last-ditch stand to save the company.This is a last-ditch attempt to stop the strike. Ditch in this idiom refers to a long channel built to defend an area against attack.
See also: attempt, effort, stand
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She said that these are actually murder attempts against women and girls, covered up and made to appear as 'suicide'.
Pakistan's only weightlifter Usman Rathore cleared a weight of 143kg in the first attempt, 147kg in the second and 152kg in the third attempt of Snatch category, followed by his failure in the first attempt of 175kg but cleared 175kg and 181kg in the second and third attempts to make an aggregated total of 333kg.
According to the NTRA's report, Egypt Telecom (TE) topped the mobile operators' in the Mobile Internet Service Quality Index after testing 5,856 attempts over its network, where none of them were blocked and only ten of them were interrupted.
These involved attempts to smuggle illicit drugs, counterfeit goods, alcohol and other drugs requiring prescription, as well as cases involving illegal immigrants, commercial fraud and money smuggling - all which represented the bulk of the work by customs officials, a new customs report reveals.
Abu Dhabi - The Abu Dhabi Customs foiled nearly 3,000 smuggling attempts in the first quarter of the current year.
There have been 2A 799 suicide attempts in 2010 with 783 fatalities and 2A 712 attempts with 673 fatalities in 2009.
Numerous studies show that anorexia nervosa and body image, (9-12) health risk behaviours including sexual intercourse, damaging property and substance abuse, (10-18) major depressive disorders, (11-20) anxiety disorders, particularly panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, (11,12,16,20) impulse control disorders, (20) externalising behaviours (12,18) and other psychopathology, especially when linked with high environmental stress levels with a recent stressor including a recent romantic breakup, assault or arrest, contributed to the prediction of suicide attempts in multivariate analyses.
As part of an ongoing survey, researchers asked 883 young adults aged 18 or 19 about their history of suicide attempts.
The purpose of policies to limit multiple attempts at drawing blood is not to set a fixed number of attempts but to preclude multiple attempts when it would potentially be injurious to the patient.
Five SNPs appeared significantly more common among individuals with a history of suicide attempts.
examines research on patients who have attempted suicide and risk factors for repeat suicide attempts
While there is an attempt to deal with the capital deficit, there remains the annual operating deficit that each of these airports incurs.
Start: The earliest attempt to solicit a response with regard to a procurement contract.
Because of no official national data on suicide attempts, the association has developed a formula indicating that 25 attempts occur for every suicide death in the nation.