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angle of attack

The position of an airplane as it moves through the air. What is our angle of attack, Captain? Are we going to be able to land this plane as planned?
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attack is the best form of defense

Launching an offensive is the best way to protect oneself. I need to start some rumors about Dean, before he comes after me. I know it sounds harsh, but attack is the best form of defense!
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an attack of

A sudden or acute onset of (an illness). I went to bed early last night after an attack of indigestion.
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on the attack

Going after an opponent with aggression, forcefulness, and tenacity. England has been on the attack this entire second half, threatening a historic victory against the returning German champions. Often criticized for his calm and noncombative demeanor, the candidate made a point of being on the attack throughout the debate.
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under attack

In the state of being attacked. Battle stations! We're under attack! I constantly feel like I'm under attack during these meetings, but a lot of these issues don't even relate to my department.
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in force

1. Legally enforced; in effect. There was a law like that on the books, but I'm not sure it's still in force.
2. In a large group; at full strength, as of an army. The voters are going to come out against you in force if you don't change your position on this. You better believe the fans will be there in force to support the team at the critical road game.
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bloody nose attack

A pre-emptive military strike intended to accomplish some objective while being limited enough in scope to (ideally) prevent retaliation by target. Sir, I worry that a bloody nose attack will just cause them to attack us more fiercely in return.
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*an attack

(of an illness) a bout of some sickness; an instance or acute case of some disease. (*Typically: have ~; produce ~; suffer ~.) Mr. Hodder had an attack of stomach upset that forced him to stay at home.
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*in force

1. [of a rule or law] currently valid or in effect. (*Typically: be ~.) Is this rule in force now? The constitution is still in force.
2. Fig. in a very large group. (*Typically: arrive ~; attack ~.) The entire group arrived in force. The mosquitoes will attack in force this evening.
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produce an attack

(of an illness) Go to an attack (of an illness).
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suffer an attack

 (of an illness)
1. Go to an attack (of an illness).
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in force

1. In full strength, in large numbers, as in Demonstrators were out in force. This usage originally alluded to a large military force. [Early 1300s]
2. Operative, binding, as in This rule is no longer in force. This usage originally alluded to the binding power of a law. [Late 1400s]
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in force

in great strength or numbers.
1989 Amy Wilentz The Rainy Season They turned out in force, armed with machetes and cocomacaques.
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Big Mac attack

n. a sudden and desperate need for a Big Mac sandwich, a product of the McDonald’s restaurant chain. (Big Mac is a protected trade name of McDonald’s.) I feel a Big Mac attack coming on!
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in force

1. In full strength; in large numbers: Demonstrators were out in force.
2. In effect; operative: a rule that is no longer in force.
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In the second quarter of 2016, another 27 vessels were attacked, and this time, 17 of those attacks were successful while the remaining 10 attacks were not successful.
Wednesday night, Bacon said a NATO warplane had attacked a military vehicle and that the pilot then broke off his attack when he saw there were civilian vehicles in the convoy.
slightly decreasing the security on the honeypots themselves may increase the chance that they will be some of the first machines that are attacked.
As the leading banks have begun to deal with phishing and deploy solutions, such as Cyota's FraudAction service, and as phishing tools become more available, including Do-It-Yourself phishing kits sold on the Internet, there has been a recent change in target - phishing is spreading to financial institutions that were not attacked previously.
Email fraud targeting financial institutions is growing at a staggering rate, many of the largest financial institutions in the US and Europe have been attacked by phishing in recent months, most experiencing multiple attacks.
Rackspace was able to react so quickly that we did not even realize we had been attacked.
Once a decoy server has been attacked, it covertly monitors the activities of an attacker in real-time using Session Replay, a live session analysis tool.
Rather than sit and wait for our system to be attacked, OKENA StormWatch will enable us to prevent intrusions before they occur," stated Ed Belliveau, manager of systems services for Bentley College.
It is particularly problematic because it can be perpetrated by almost anybody with access to the Internet and only a modest level of technical sophistication, is difficult to trace back to the perpetrator, is nearly impossible to defend against regardless of the type of computer or operating system being attacked, and results immediately in complete disabling of the targeted server.