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attach to

1. To connect two things. In this usage, an item is mentioned between "attach" and "to." Can you please attach this button to my sweater? Please be sure to attach a cover page to your report.
2. To connect oneself to something. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "attach" and "to." Please be sure to attach yourself to your luggage at the airport.
3. To involve oneself with another person or group—often in an overbearing way. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "attach" and "to." I hope my little cousins don't try to come with us—they're always attaching themselves to me, and it's so annoying.
4. To involve oneself with another person or group. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "attach" and "to." I heard that Jon has attached himself to a new lady—is that true? Teddy has attached himself to the drama club this semester.
5. To have an emotional connection to someone or something. This usage always uses the form "attached." I really miss my ex-boyfriend at Christmastime—I guess I'm still attached to him after all. I'm pretty attached to the idea of a tropical vacation—I've even been picturing myself on the beach! I tried to give away my daughter's childhood teddy bear, but apparently she's still quite attached to it.
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no strings attached

With or having no special conditions, restrictions, obligations, or arrangements that must be met. Take advantage of our huge summer sale, where you can earn up to $5,000 cash back. No strings attached! Beware of any deal that claims to come with no strings attached.
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attach oneself to someone

1. Fig. to become emotionally involved with someone. Fred seems to have attached himself to a much older woman, who has captured his attention. Somehow, Susan has attached herself emotionally to Tom, and she is distraught over his being away.
2. Fig. to follow after someone; to become a constant companion to someone. Andy's little brother attached himself to Andy and his friends—much to Andy's distress. John attached himself to his older brother and drove him crazy.
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attach oneself to something

1. Lit. to connect or secure oneself to something. During the storm, Tony attached himself to the helm and proceeded to steer the boat. The caterpillar attached itself to a branch and began to spin its cocoon.
2. Fig. to choose to associate with a particular thing, group, or organization. Ron attached himself to a volleyball team that practices at the school. The manager attached himself to the luncheon club and became a regular fixture there.
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attach to someone

Fig. [for blame, importance, guilt, fault, etc.] to become "fixed" onto someone or an organization. A lot of guilt attaches to Henry for his part in the plot. Most of the blame for the accident attaches to Roger.
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attach to something

[for something] to be meant to fit onto or into something. This one attaches to this other one right at this point. This part should have attached to the back of the desk, but it didn't fit.
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lock something onto someone or something

 and lock something on
to attach or fix something onto someone or something. The cop locked the handcuffs onto the mugger and led him away. Andy locked his bicycle onto the signpost. See that bike rack? Lock your bike on and keep an eye on it.
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no strings attached

Without conditions or restrictions, as in They give each of the children $10,000 a year with no strings attached. This expression dates from the mid-1900s, although string in the sense of "a limitation" has been used since the late 1800s.
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no strings attached

no special conditions or restrictions apply to an opportunity or offer. informal
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(with) no ˈstrings attached

(also without ˈstrings) with no special rules, conditions or limits: I got a loan of $5 000 with no strings attached.It was a relationship without strings (= without responsibility or commitment) which suited them both.
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attach to

1. To fasten or secure something to something: The electrician attached the wires to the socket. The carpenter attached the knobs to the cabinet doors.
2. To adhere, belong, or relate to something: It is not a very difficult job, and not much responsibility attaches to it.
3. To affix or append something to something: I attached all of my receipts to my spending report.
4. To ascribe or assign some quality to something: Several ambassadors said they would walk out of the meeting, but our officials attached no significance to the threat.
5. To associate closely with someone or something: I quickly attached myself to the chess club when I started school.
6. To be bound emotionally to someone or something: I'm still attached to that old sweater I used to wear in high school.
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In a statement to NINA, Zobae said "attaching the important commissions to the parliament and attaching the remaining to the cabinet is a positive step towards building institutional state.
For Darren Wallis, respecting his family's tree meant building the tree house around the tree, rather than attaching it.
Attaching one of these virtual libraries to a SAN allows them to be used in the same manner as the SAN-attached tape libraries described above.
Tests of localized adherence, autoaggregation, and attaching and effacing were performed as described (6,7).
Two of the most popular ways to exchange files on the Internet are through FTP (file transfer protocol) and by attaching files to e-mail.
If needed, work with the customer on design modifications to improve temperature gradients for directional solidification, attaching feeders and quality control purposes.
a leading technology company specializing in the development of advanced mobile RFID systems, today announced the availability of its "Foam Attached Tag" for businesses interested in attaching Gen2 RFID tags to metal parts and liquid containers in their supply chains.
An IP SAN can be created by segmenting the LAN for IP storage traffic and attaching Web or application servers with an optional network attached storage (NAS) device.
The recurring item exception could have been adopted without obtaining IRS consent by attaching a statement to an income tax return for the tax year that included July 19, 1984.
Instead of attaching multiple physical tape storage devices to the SAN, attaching an IVTSD can provide the host and applications with 64 or more unique tape devices without the cost, installation, or footprint of additional physical devices.
Persons holding Subscription Warrants shall not, save for limited exceptions under the Securities Act, be able to exercise the right to subscribe for Series J Shares resulting from the Subscription Warrants and will not be able to transfer the rights attaching to Subscription Warrants unless in offshore transactions which comply with the Regulation S under the Securities Act or transactions made pursuant to registration exemptions under Rule 144 and 144A under the Securities Act or any other exemptions under the Securities Act (see the discussion in section 23.
Second, directly attaching tape libraries to each NAS device could help avoid the labor costs and human errors, but for most companies, it proved to be prohibitively expensive.
The combination of Reliaty Backup and DinoStor TapeServer enables users to take advantage of distance and speed enhancements by attaching tape storage devices on a network instead of directly to a dedicated server.
When attaching private targets to a full fabric switch, the switch needs to be told that the port must do translation.
Palomar Technologies' automated assembly equipment, including the Model 3500-II die bonder, and the 2470 wedge bonder, eliminates manual processes by precisely placing and attaching microchips to their packaging.