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attach to

1. To connect two things. In this usage, an item is mentioned between "attach" and "to." Can you please attach this button to my sweater? Please be sure to attach a cover page to your report.
2. To connect oneself to something. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "attach" and "to." Please be sure to attach yourself to your luggage at the airport.
3. To involve oneself with another person or group—often in an overbearing way. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "attach" and "to." I hope my little cousins don't try to come with us—they're always attaching themselves to me, and it's so annoying.
4. To involve oneself with another person or group. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "attach" and "to." I heard that Jon has attached himself to a new lady—is that true? Teddy has attached himself to the drama club this semester.
5. To have an emotional connection to someone or something. This usage always uses the form "attached." I really miss my ex-boyfriend at Christmastime—I guess I'm still attached to him after all. I'm pretty attached to the idea of a tropical vacation—I've even been picturing myself on the beach! I tried to give away my daughter's childhood teddy bear, but apparently she's still quite attached to it.
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attach oneself to someone

1. Fig. to become emotionally involved with someone. Fred seems to have attached himself to a much older woman, who has captured his attention. Somehow, Susan has attached herself emotionally to Tom, and she is distraught over his being away.
2. Fig. to follow after someone; to become a constant companion to someone. Andy's little brother attached himself to Andy and his friends—much to Andy's distress. John attached himself to his older brother and drove him crazy.
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attach oneself to something

1. Lit. to connect or secure oneself to something. During the storm, Tony attached himself to the helm and proceeded to steer the boat. The caterpillar attached itself to a branch and began to spin its cocoon.
2. Fig. to choose to associate with a particular thing, group, or organization. Ron attached himself to a volleyball team that practices at the school. The manager attached himself to the luncheon club and became a regular fixture there.
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attach to someone

Fig. [for blame, importance, guilt, fault, etc.] to become "fixed" onto someone or an organization. A lot of guilt attaches to Henry for his part in the plot. Most of the blame for the accident attaches to Roger.
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attach to something

[for something] to be meant to fit onto or into something. This one attaches to this other one right at this point. This part should have attached to the back of the desk, but it didn't fit.
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attached to someone or something

1. Lit. connected to someone or something. The patient has a tube attached to his arm. A little shelf is attached to the wall.
2. Fig. fond of someone or something. John is really attached to his old-fashioned ideas. I'm really attached to my longtime girlfriend.
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attach to

1. To fasten or secure something to something: The electrician attached the wires to the socket. The carpenter attached the knobs to the cabinet doors.
2. To adhere, belong, or relate to something: It is not a very difficult job, and not much responsibility attaches to it.
3. To affix or append something to something: I attached all of my receipts to my spending report.
4. To ascribe or assign some quality to something: Several ambassadors said they would walk out of the meeting, but our officials attached no significance to the threat.
5. To associate closely with someone or something: I quickly attached myself to the chess club when I started school.
6. To be bound emotionally to someone or something: I'm still attached to that old sweater I used to wear in high school.
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He said the government should consider social welfare attaches as "priority hires" as there are only seven of them worldwide, while there are about 4.365 million OFWs.
6071428571429 One of our labor attaches questioned such visas so I guess we got what we asked for.
According to the foreign ministry, four military attaches are presently stationed in the UK, Russia, Slovakia (based in Vienna) and Bulgaria.
Towards the end of the ceremony, the cultural attache held a question and answer session with the Saudi students.
Romanian Ambassador Nicolae Goia hosted a farewell dinner for defence attache Col Catalin Cirlanaru and his wife Emilia at the new embassy premises in Islamabad last week.
The richness of the book is found in Seman's diligent research, which unearthed many of the attaches' personal stories and the challenges they faced in their posts and thus their varied degrees of success.
She was assigned many tasks including coordinating with the Saudi and Italian government authorities related with promoting non oil exports, according to the executive plan of the Foreign Trade Agency of the commercial attaches offices, linked with Vision 2030.
Ople held a news conference to express their support for dela Torre without the labor attache's knowledge.
Khartoum, 7 March (SUNA) - The Minister for Defense, lt General Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibin Aouf, on Wednesday received the new USA military Attache to the Sudan, Major Adam Mathieu.
The pressure on Sri Lanka to account for its military actions - actions Washington interpreted as war crimes which it emphasized warrants foreign jurors to sit in judgment - that emerged during the final stage (March through May 2009) of the Eelam War IV, seems to have a direct connection to the manner in which the Defense Attache Office (DAO) of the U.S.
Lithuania's economic interests abroad are taken care of by 13 diplomats who perform economic functions, 15 commercial attaches delegated by the Economy Ministry, four agriculture attaches delegated by the Agriculture Ministry, three transport attaches and a customs attache, all delegated by the Ministry of Transport and Communication.
BRUSSELS, June 4 (KUNA) -- The outgoing President and Dean of CAMNA (Corps of Defence Attaches) in Brussels, Lieutenant Colonel Heino Matzken of Germany has handed over his responsibilities to Brigadier General Khaled Al-Ragem, Kuwait Defense Attache.
Summary: Cultural attache says strangers may approach students and ask them to participate in political activities and terror
Currently, Abbasqoli said, Italy is the only country in Europe that Iran has a commercial attache in.
London, Jan 18 (ONA) The Ministry of Higher Education, represented by the Omani Cultural Attache in London, took part in the 1st GCC Cultural Attaches meeting in the United Kingdom (UK), which was held at the building of the Saudi Cultural Attache.