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The 3E includes an attachable magnifying lens, turning the camera into a digital microscope.
The second tablet, the W700, has an 11.6-inch full HD touchscreen, and comes with an attachable "cradle", which acts as a stand to tilt the device at 70 degree or 20 degree viewing angles.
Features include: rubberized coating for shock dampening; hot-swappable battery capability; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and optional mobile broadband (WWAN); integrated digital camera/video with illuminator light and image software; GPS (with WWAN option); Work Anywhere kit; FlexDock and attachable, spill-resistant Mobile Keyboard; security features and optional smart card reader; and, natural pen/speech input.
Catheter systems usually consist of an energy generator and an attachable catheter, which is used on the patient's tissue.
"We knew they were used to texting, but we couldn't expect them to write essays with their thumbs."--William Brooks, instructional technology specialist, on why his district chose to buy attachable keyboards to complement the handheld devices it uses for its 1-to-1 program (16)
The miCoach system consists of a mobile phone developed by Samsung and a web-based training tool, heart rate belt and shoe attachable stride sensor developed by adidas.
The vest's integrated throat protector the same protection as the current attachable version, but is more comfortable.
The attachable lid seals the tray, protecting the paint and roller from drying out while you snooze.
Ms Davidson questions this, and goes on to seek advice from the First Minister on 'the legal status attachable to the inspectorate's recommendations and whether the authority are acting reasonably in this instance'.
A giraffe, lion, and monkey are on three attachable circus train cars with a pull cord to make a parade.
The XLT-17 features: three frequency filters (low pass, high pass and frequency select); last setting memory; tactile keypad and digital display; shielded sensor for reduced response to outside noise; a headset for clearer sound response; automatic battery test--real time voltage level; two 9-volt batteries; a compact control box with an attachable strap; and heavy duty carrying case.
Company announces the availability of cage clamp termination for the 713 and 715 series, field attachable, M12 connectors.
The family also sells attachable accessories such as headbands and magnets.
The Tan-Timer Bikini has an attachable electronic gizmo that beeps every 15 minutes to remind users to roll over or wake and seek shade.