atone for

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atone for (something)

To take responsibility and accept the consequences of one's mistakes or misdeeds. I atoned for my sins before I started going to church again. I think she'll forgive you if you just atone for your mistake.
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atone for something

to make amends for an error. You must atone for the bad things you have done.
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References in classic literature ?
Alban seemed (in her view) to be trying to prevent her from atoning for an act of injustice.
We used to talk a lot about atoning for sins - 539 years' worth in Sean's case.
Thus, his "beneficent suicide" is driven by a selfish duty to "set things right," as it were, by atoning for his own sins.
(Theatrically speaking, her two-day-late entrance has been an effective build-up.) Lowering her huge lashes, she whispers that being there is, for her, like atoning for all past sins.
If it is alleged that only some people are gravely immoral, and that the innocent often have great suffering, one has to point out that the human race is a unity, that we are brothers and sisters of one another, and that the suffering of the innocent, besides atoning for their own lesser sins, can also atone for the great sins of others.
We are always forging lives damaged and derailed by our past offenses, which means that we are constantly in need of making amends and atoning for our sins.