atone for

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atone for (something)

To take responsibility and accept the consequences of one's mistakes or misdeeds. I atoned for my sins before I started going to church again. I think she'll forgive you if you just atone for your mistake.
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atone for something

to make amends for an error. You must atone for the bad things you have done.
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References in classic literature ?
I might yet hear him say, "She was inquisitive when she had no business to inquire; she was obstinate when she ought; to have listened to reason; she left my bedside when other women would have remained; but in the end she atoned for it all--she turned out to be right!"
The living in incessant noise was, to a frame and temper delicate and nervous like Fanny's, an evil which no superadded elegance or harmony could have entirely atoned for. It was the greatest misery of all.
Lee Steele atoned for two earlier lapses a minute before the break when he headed against an upright from Kevin Seabury's cross and promptly netted the rebound when the ball dropped at his feet.
Arcilla, in contrast, atoned for his setback to Patrombon in a recent tournament with a 6-3, 6-4 victory to add the men's singles crown to his vast trophy collection.
Burton looked like they would rue Greg Pearson's well-saved penalty, but Harrad atoned for the missed opportunity late on.
They broke quickly and Rickie Lambert chipped the ball back for Wilbraham, who atoned for earlier misses with a well-taken effort.
NICKY HENDERSON added to his JCB Triumph Hurdle hand when Bareme atoned for a costly debut defeat, writes Bruce Jackson.
Still, Briony the storyteller knows that in some sense her dramatic sin must be atoned for by telling another story, even if there is no way to unring the bell of her accusation.
First Division Pompey dominated the first half and led through a Dean Smith own goal but the Orient skipper atoned for his error with a goal at the right end three minutes after the restart.
The disqualified Classic winner was hailed "the best miler in Europe" after he atoned for a narrow Royal Ascot defeat with a smooth victory.
Corazzin atoned for a penalty miss by stealing in to net his 13th goal of the season.
They do not forgive sins but reduce the punishment earned by our sins, since, just as every good deed is rewarded, so every evil deed must be punished or otherwise atoned for. This punishment takes place in hell (for unrepented mortal sin), and in this life, or in Purgatory (for venial sin and for mortal sin that has been forgiven).
Tanduay atoned for its early mistakes in the PBA D-League Aspirants' Cup as it intoxicated Wangs Basketball, 90-75, Thursday at Ynares Sports Arena.
But Rooney atoned for his error by setting up Nat Brown to fire home the opener after 17 minutes.
Perpignan did not relinquish their lead from the seventh minute as they atoned for their shock loss to Benetton Treviso a week earlier in style.