atone for

atone for (something)

To take responsibility and accept the consequences of one's mistakes or misdeeds. I atoned for my sins before I started going to church again. I think she'll forgive you if you just atone for your mistake.
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atone for something

to make amends for an error. You must atone for the bad things you have done.
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References in classic literature ?
She has a worse opinion of me than Aunt Jamesina, and she doesn't love me hard to atone for it, as Aunty J.
Lady Lydiard had, not long since, sent to ask her former steward to visit her; regretting, in her warm-hearted way, the terms on which they had separated, and wishing to atone for the harsh language that had escaped her at their parting interview.
'I will remember - what I have said; - but do not you punish my presumption by withdrawing your friendship entirely from me, - or expect me to atone for it by being more distant than before,' said I, extending my hand to take leave, for I was too much excited to remain.
The senator said Sanchez should forget about his dream of getting out of jail, adding that it would be better for him to atone for his sins behind bars.
North Korean media have recently beefed up criticism of Japan after its move to impose export restrictions on South Korea, calling it "politically-motivated" and urging Japan to atone for its colonial-era crimes before asking for talks with Pyongyang.
And for the imaginative ones, writing serves the purpose to atone for everything that ever went astray.
Alas is hoping that Calvin Abueva can play with little restraint this time while Matthew Wright is determined to atone for his 3-of-14 shooting.
The Blue Eagles seek to atone for their 98-112 setback to University of Santo Tomas, their first after prevailing in their first two outings, in their 12 p.
Farah said she does not, in any way, support such conduct and if Sajid has indulged in an appropriate behaviour, "he has a lot to atone for."
If my brother has behaved in this manner he has a lot to atone for. I don't in any way endorse this behaviour and Stand in solidarity with any woman who has been hurt."
"We create all conditions for people who repent of their misdeeds, so that they can honestly work to atone for their guilt and actively participate in ensuring the prosperity of the country," the Turkmen president said.
They should be persuaded to donate their organs when their sentence is carried out to help them atone for their sins.
Summary: Salafist cleric urges Liverpool star to atone for 'sinful' professionalism
Pasavee Lertvilai heads the 48 foreigners from 16 countries in the $100,000 fourth leg, with the Thai out to atone for his playoff setback to Rene Menor in the second leg at Splendido last September.
To atone for that he put his own life on the line by becoming an informer.