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atone for (something)

To take responsibility and accept the consequences of one's mistakes or misdeeds. I atoned for my sins before I started going to church again. I think she'll forgive you if you just atone for your mistake.
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atone for something

to make amends for an error. You must atone for the bad things you have done.
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Cairo: Egyptian authorities have ordered investigations on two religious officials in a Delta province after a Salafist Muslim cleric purportedly urged Egyptian and Liverpool footballer Mohammad Salah to atone for "sinful" professionalism, sources said on Wednesday.
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Anyone can slip and he did as much as anyone to try and atone for that most uncharacteristic of errors.
Summary: Victory helps atone for Jordan's disappointment in World Cup qualifying, when they reached intercontinental play-offs only to lose 5-0 on aggregate to Uruguay.
There's Monday blues all round with Bianca angry at Heath, and with Celia failing to atone for her part in their troubles she's getting itchy feet to flee.
I support a team that can't win at home But playing away score goals with ease Play good football and atone My desire is to see them play this same football, Score goals, win at home, then I can walk tall.
Determined to atone for his past sins, Solomon tries to live a quiet, religious life.
Takashi Nagase, a former Japanese military interpreter who was involved in the construction of the infamous Thailand-Burma railway during World War II and later engaged in philanthropic activities to atone for his wartime acts, died Tuesday at a hospital in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, his family said.
I THANK Michael Morrissey for his attempt to reassure me that I am not required to "atone" for the death of Jesus which was itself, evidently, necessary to atone to God for the sins of mankind, which of course includes myself (Not Responsible, 27.04.11).
DESTINYS DREAM can atone for a recent near-miss at Doncaster with a victory in Newcastle's Border Minstrel Re-Opening 14th May Handicap.
Berwick are hopeful that this afternoon's game at Elgin will beat the big freeze - and allow them an immediate chance to atone for their disappointing defeat.
"What if," the film asks, "there is a way to atone for one's sins with suicide?" What if this act can do good?
Radcliffe is on crutches to keep weight off the injury, and is desperate to atone for the disappointment of failing to finish in the marathon four years ago in Athens when hampered by a leg injury and stomach upset.
The hot technology in point of sale interfacing with stock control and accounting was launched at a seminar by atOne Software for business owners and financial controllers.
Now investors such as Amaranth Advisors, a hedge fund that controlled more than half of all natural gas deals atone point in 2006, can corner the market and cause rates to skyrocket.