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atomic cocktail

1. In medicine, a liquid solution that contains one or more radioactive elements, which is swallowed orally and used in the diagnosis and/or treatment of disorders, especially cancer and diseases of the thyroid. We are just going to administer a sort of atomic cocktail to track the disease's progress. That way, we can better gauge what course of action to take.
2. An alcoholic drink composed of vodka, brandy, champagne, and sherry. Created in Las Vegas, Nevada, and named after the nuclear tests conducted in the state during the 1950s. Barkeep, I want something that will knock my socks off. Fix me an atomic cocktail!
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atomic wedgie

slang A very severe wedgie, a maneuver in which someone's underwear is yanked up from behind until it is wedged between their buttocks, typically as a prank. Come on, let's give that nerd an atomic wedgie!
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atomic wedgie

n. an instance of pulling someone’s underpants up very tightly—from the rear—so that the cloth is pulled between the victim’s buttocks; a severe wedgie or melvin. I’m going to sneak up behind Bob and give him an atomic wedgie.
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Excluding the impact off any fractional shares, Silvermet will issue 142,078,672 common shares to the Global Atomic shareholders in accordance with the exchange ratio.
Which is the only chemical element to have the digits in its atomic number reversed to give its calculated sum?
Established in 1993, Atomic Disc was the first short-run CD duplication company in Oregon and has grown into one of the nation's leaders in CD and DVD manufacturing.
The advent of World War II had made the quest for the atomic bomb into a nail-biting, if highly secretive, race against time.
Both scanning electron and atomic force microscopy showed that the uninfected Vero cells were flat and without prominent form and surface (Figure 1).
The atomic number and weight are listed for each element, as well as the naturally occurring isotopes and their isotopic mass, abundance, nuclear spin, and magnetic moment.
Comparison of breast cancer incidence in the Massachusetts tuberculosis fluoroscopy cohort and in the Japanese atomic bomb survivors.
Based on comments former Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama issued in 1995, the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the draft text states, ''Our country, at a time in the not so distant past, set off on the path to war due to mistaken state policy,'' in reference to WWII, they said.
One lucky reader will take home a set of Atomic Kitten videos, a bag, badge, special copy of the new single with cartoon artwork and a signed photo of the band.
That inventory included information about experiments under the department's predecessor agency, the Atomic Energy Commission, and before that the Manhattan Project, which produced the first atomic bomb in 1945.
Henriksen follows the trajectory of the atomic bomb across the landscape of American cultural life by tracing the shadow the bomb cast: the magnitude of America's atomic angst appears most clearly in the artifacts of American popular culture.
In more recent years, a few compounders have opted for XRF analysis as an alternative to traditional QA/QC techniques such as atomic absorption spectroscopy or specific-gravity tests.
His accusations rest, it soon became clear, only on his say-so and on recollections of his short time spent in charge of the KGB's atomic research at the end of World War II.
Soddy had worked out the isotope concept in connection with radioactive elements (see above), but these were available in such tiny quantities that atomic weights could not be determined, and the existence of isotopes could not be checked in that way.