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be a (something) in the making

To be likely to become a particular thing. She's the best actress in the school, so I think she's a Hollywood star in the making. The fact that those reports aren't ready yet is a disaster in the making.
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Mexican athlete

derogatory Someone who tries out for a sports team but is ultimately not selected.
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Azerbaijan is represented by 12 athletes, namely, eight men and four women.
According to the latest AIU report, Kenya worryingly produced the third highest number of cheating athletes only lower than suspended Russia 87 and India 42 in second.
A great athlete should be able inspire generations with his or her deeds and medals and not hang the latter to gather dust.As we all know, an athlete's career is, at maximum, about 10 years, though some are lucky to go beyond 15 years like world record holder, Eliud Kipchoge and Vivian Cheruiyot.
'Building on the historic adoption of the Athletes' Declaration, this is another unprecedented and ground-breaking step for athlete representation, underlining our 'all in' approach to ensure that the athletes' voice is an effective and valued voice at every level of the sports movement,' Coventry added.
process with all stakeholders, with the content of the Athlete Charter driven by listening to athlete views worldwide, he added.
Athlete perceptions of ASRM at baseline varied greatly, with athletes rating an ASRM as essential to not at all essential to them, and that they were very likely to very unlikely to use an ASRM.
Most importantly, it's vital to understand the personal motivation behind a professional athlete looking to get involved in your franchise.
For example, all participants received a high aggression and athletic context scenario, but participants were randomly assigned either a student or an athlete main character.
Most Athlete's Foot is caused by any of these types of fungus.
* Nations may send to the Olympic Games up to three athletes who have met the "A" standard mark in each event.
The classifiers assess the athlete's impairment and how it impacts on their functional ability on the field of play, in line with the classification rules for that sport.
Many athletes and parents feel their only option for collegiate athletic scholarships are DI schools, but there are more than 1,800 colleges and universities that sponsor college athletes and are able to offer financial packages and most are not DI programs.
Table 1 analyses the four levels of sport, showing for each of them what type of sport is practiced, which are its goals and its frequency of practice, and how is the communication between coach and athlete.
DAME Tanni Grey- Thompson insists the majority of Britain's athletes will welcome the introduction of cash penalties for anyone missing a future drug test.
Nike is adding new terms to its contracts with athletes to better support them during pregnancy, the company announced on its website on Friday.