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What's more, people who ate moderate amounts of olestra also had to contend with stained underwear and "greasy feces.
In 1993, Giovannucci's team found that men who got about 30 grams of fat a day from red meat--what you'd get in about five ounces of cooked hamburger--had more than double the risk of prostate cancer of men who ate a tenth as much fat from red meat.
In her two-day studies, people ate 24 percent fewer calories when offered foods with lower calorie density (for example, a lower-fat, less-cheese pizza with veggies on top).
After feeding some of the monkeys 30 percent less food over 6 months, Mattson's team found that those animals had fewer symptoms of the disease, such as muscle tremors and rigidity, compared with monkeys that ate as much as they wanted.
All infected patients ate raw fresh Atlantic salmon and some ate a local fish, Centropomus undecimalis, in sushi or sashimi.
From that day on, I never ate meat without thinking about how the animals had suffered to provide food for me.
The Seychelles mothers ate a variety of fish that contain similar concentrations of methylmercury as fish eaten in the United States.
Of course, those resolutions concerning a particular size and shape our patients don't like are often related not to what they just ate but to what they have been eating, and not eating, over a period of many years.
Weight gains or losses result because they can't remember if or when they last ate and either eat another meal or skip a meal.
The certified nursing assistants (CNAs) consistently estimated that the residents ate a higher percentage of food than was actually eaten.
Between The Zone and Lean Bodies it appears w&d be a nation of beanpoles if we just watched TV 12 hours a day and ate potato chips the entire time.
With regards to sadness, 5% said they ate more, 44% ate less, 37% did not eat anything and 12% said no difference.