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In her two-day studies, people ate 24 percent fewer calories when offered foods with lower calorie density (for example, a lower-fat, less-cheese pizza with veggies on top).
After feeding some of the monkeys 30 percent less food over 6 months, Mattson's team found that those animals had fewer symptoms of the disease, such as muscle tremors and rigidity, compared with monkeys that ate as much as they wanted.
All infected patients ate raw fresh Atlantic salmon and some ate a local fish, Centropomus undecimalis, in sushi or sashimi.
In addition, children of women who ate no or small amounts of fish (less than 12 ounces) during pregnancy had more behavioral and social problems than children whose mothers ate plenty (more than 12 ounces) of fish.
Women who ate nuts or seeds more than four times a week were 40 percent less likely to die of coronary heart disease than similar women who didn't eat nuts.
What was really cool was when my mom stopped eating meat also because she agreed with me and did not want to see Jaylin cry forever because Big Bird and Dorothy were gone for good because someone ate them.
Of 300 potential controls randomly selected from factory workers who ate in the cafeteria on July 11 or 12, 291 (97%) responded to the questionnaire.
When researchers injected the hormones into rats' brains, the animals ate 8 to 10 times more food than normal within a few hours.
Yet the 18 dairy-dieters in Zemel's Yoplait study ate yogurt, not cheese.
There's the sense that people have eaten all of this food, yet they feel empty because they ate at McDonald's and had no connection with anybody while eating it.
Unlike people who go on pasta binges, the caterpillars that ate extra carbohydrates didn't gain extra weight.
The patient reported that he ate a seafood salad in the canteen of his work place on 5 June and that three out of the four persons who ate the same kind of salad also had abdominal symptoms.
If all 100,000 ate farmed salmon from Washington state or Chile once a month, the number of cancer cases would climb by just one, to 33,001.
adults ate and looked for connections between their diets and the occurrence of certain diseases.
Similarly, among the 65 healthy participants, only 39 ate the fruits and 28 drank the teas.