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Those who ate both quickly and to satiety were three times likelier to be overweight.
In her two-day studies, people ate 24 percent fewer calories when offered foods with lower calorie density (for example, a lower-fat, less-cheese pizza with veggies on top).
All infected patients ate raw fresh Atlantic salmon and some ate a local fish, Centropomus undecimalis, in sushi or sashimi.
The social worker remarked that the residents ate better when they ate in the dining room.
Animals ate their assigned diet for 4 weeks then received a mild brain injury.
The researchers calculated that the pancreatic cancer rate was about 40 out of 100,000 for those who ate the most processed meat in this study, but only half as high for those who ate the least.
* Mortality from heart disease was 20 percent lower in occasional meat-eaters, 34 percent lower in those who ate fish but not meat, 34 percent lower in lacto-ovo vegetarians, and 26 percent lower in vegans compared to regular meat-eaters.
Of 300 potential controls randomly selected from factory workers who ate in the cafeteria on July 11 or 12, 291 (97%) responded to the questionnaire.
Males are less likely to starve themselves to death; instead, many exercise excessively to get rid of the calories they ate a condition known as exercise bulimia, which is also becoming very common in girls.
Among the 31,000 Adventists studied, those who ate nuts more than four times a week were half as likely to die of a heart attack as those who ate nuts less than once a week.
since that day at the market, I thought about what I ate and what the animals thought before they were heartlessly put to death.
"When we ate bread," she says, "my grandmother would brush the crumbs into her hands and feed them to the chickens.
In another study, women who ate nine or more servings of fruits and vegetables had a 31% lower risk of stroke than did those who ate only two servings a day.
The patient reported that he ate a seafood salad in the canteen of his work place on 5 June and that three out of the four persons who ate the same kind of salad also had abdominal symptoms.