at your peril

at (one's) own peril

Done with the foreknowledge or forewarning that there is implied danger, especially of loss of life, which one must accept as one's own responsibility. Those who skydive do so at their own peril.
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(do something) at your (own) ˈperil

(often used as a warning) at the risk of serious danger: People who go climbing in winter do so at their own peril.You go in Mike’s car at your peril. He’s a terrible driver.
See also: peril
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In other words, if you dismiss these long return period events as "inconceivable" events, you do so at your peril.
He said: "This wholly preventable tragedy at Grenfell Tower surely has got to be a warning lesson to all of us - you cut at your peril, you ignore safety at your peril."
IRELAND coach Eddie O'Sullivan has told his players to ignore Australia's losing streak, declaring: "Write the Wallabies off at your peril."
Alan Shearer last night warned England's critics: "Write us off at your peril."
We are disappointed -but you write us off at your peril."