at your/somebody's disposal

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at (one's) disposal

Ready and available to help or serve someone. If you need anything during your stay, our staff is at your disposal. Welcome to the neighborhood! I'm at your disposal, if you need help with anything.
See also: disposal

at your/somebody’s disˈposal

available for use as you prefer/somebody prefers: He will have a car at his disposal for the whole month.Well, I’m at your disposal (= I am ready to help you in any way I can).
See also: disposal
References in classic literature ?
But I am serious in placing my services at your disposal.
To wrest your daughter and the wife of this royal warrior from the clutches of these archfiends you have but to command the resources of a mighty nation, for all Kaol is at your disposal.
The only one of my three horses now at your disposal is the horse which took my brother to the Hall this morning.