at variance

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at variance (with)

In disagreement (with someone or something). We're doing the experiment again because our results are at variance. Our fact-checker found that the witness's story was completely at variance with what the reporter had written.
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at variance

Differing, discrepant; also, in a state of conflict. For example, John's and Mary's answers are at variance means that their answers do not agree, or John was at variance with his in-laws means that he strongly disagreed or quarreled with them. [Early 1500s]
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at ˈvariance (with somebody/something)

(formal) disagreeing with or opposing somebody/something: These conclusions are totally at variance with the evidence.
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He spoke with childish arrogance strangely at variance with the subservient position he occupied beneath the veranda.
Upon matching notional vega and volatility strikes will be converted into variance futures at variance futures prices, according to Eurex.
It is doubtful that a reviewer of a geostatistical persuasion would have recognized the merits of an alternative if it were some minor way at variance with kriging.
The geostatistical reviewer should recognize that alternatives at variance with kriging and kriged variances may well merit examination and scrutiny by geologists and mining engineers.
Geostatistical referees should accept that methods at variance with kriged variances are not necessarily nonsense.