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Shortage of water at this stage reduces sprouting and number of fruit.
This stage emerges some 80-90 days after sowing and shortage of water at this stage compromises process of pollination and reduces number of granules in fruit.
It's important at this stage to utilize problem-solving techniques that give all involved a sense of being heard, and to look for win-win solutions.
A challenge for counselors at this stage is to help the group retain its cohesiveness, its sense of identity, and its focus on task accomplishment until the moment that the campers board the buses to go home.
At this stage one partner usually expresses the sexual frustration of the couple and starts asking for change.
At this stage, it is the responsibility of the teacher to inform the Special Educational Needs coordinator, who registers the child's special needs.
Autonomy at this stage is absent but dependency is extreme.
One's prior work experience should contribute significantly at this stage, since the senior librarian is expected to have a strong capacity to learn more independently about processes, individuals, and values.
15] Because employers are prohibited from directly asking applicants about disabilities at this stage, they may not solicit the same kind of information from third parties.
At this stage, the perceived scarcity of resources, especially a worsened land-to-labor ratio, may aggravate the clash of interests by intensifying competition for the appropriation of these resources both between rival political elites and between the communities they represent.
Although one's recognition of Blackness at this stage is very high, it has not been internalized.
The level of anxiety at this stage is a function of the student's ability to receive, concentrate on, and encode external stimuli.
At this stage, the group leader should provide information about the expected routine and tasks and to facilitate initial conversations.
At this stage, problems tend to occur with words that are the "exceptions to the rule" grammatically.
This Stage can be characterised by self-introductions (as a prelude to being a source of content material to other students), brain-storming (limited at this Stage 1 to only accumulating new ideas, yet to be argued in Stage 2), involving divergent thinking to gather various different perceptions in order to explore and to frame each student's context, and helping each other as equals with obtaining content especially in sharing personal experiences and past literature that has been read, which constitute old foundational knowledge.