at (one's) earliest convenience

(redirected from at their earliest convenience)

at (one's) earliest convenience

As soon as one is able to do something. Please fill out that paperwork at your earliest convenience. Dan needs to call me at his earliest convenience.
See also: convenience, early

at someone's earliest convenience

as soon as it is possible for someone to do something. (This is also a polite way of saying immediately.) Please stop by my office at your earliest convenience. Bill, please have the oil changed at your earliest convenience.
See also: convenience, early

at your earliest conˈvenience

(written) as soon as possible: Please telephone at your earliest convenience.
See also: convenience, early
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Meanwhile, the EC First Vice-President Frans Timmermans sent a letter yesterday to the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs reiterating the invitation to him and the Polish Minister of Justice for a meeting in Brussels at their earliest convenience in order to relaunch the dialogue.
Tony Kells, Sales and Marketing Director at InPost UK, said: Our dedicated national network of over 1,000 fully automated parcel lockers are accessible 24/7, meaning no more queues or waiting in, enabling customers to collect and return parcels at their earliest convenience.
On his part, Sports Associations director Hesham Al Beloshi urged the associations to submit their data at their earliest convenience in order to ensure prompt issuance of their insurance cards.
I would urge them to contact us at their earliest convenience and would ask anyone who knows their identity to get in touch.
There has been a good deal of interest but with limited availability we would urge those who haven't yet been in contact to do so at their earliest convenience.
The last two remaining apartments are no exception and I would encourage anyone interested in buying an iconic piece of Newport's history to get in touch at their earliest convenience before all the apartments are sold.
They extended invitation to each other to pay bilateral visits at their earliest convenience.
Those who are interested in having a tummy tuck in Reno Nevada and wish to take advantage of this amazing deal should contact Murphy Plastic Surgery at their earliest convenience.
Ashkin Asan to visit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province at their earliest convenience.
Along with other concerned local people I am also very disappointed with this issue and would hope that the Vale of Glamorgan Council will address these extremely serious points at their earliest convenience.
We urge anyone with information regarding the woman's death to contact us at their earliest convenience.
He asked the Ambassador to convey his invitation to the President and Prime Minister of Republic of Korea to visit Pakistan at their earliest convenience.
I urge interested parties to contact me at their earliest convenience.
Sales director Gillian Bell said: "These are outstanding offers and I would urge anyone thinking about buying a home to make a visit to Stanley at their earliest convenience.
TEI would be pleased to meet with representatives of the Department of Finance at their earliest convenience in order to discuss these comments and recommendations.