at (one's) earliest convenience

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at (one's) earliest convenience

As soon as one is able to do something. Please fill out that paperwork at your earliest convenience. Dan needs to call me at his earliest convenience.
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at someone's earliest convenience

as soon as it is possible for someone to do something. (This is also a polite way of saying immediately.) Please stop by my office at your earliest convenience. Bill, please have the oil changed at your earliest convenience.
See also: convenience, early
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at your earliest conˈvenience

(written) as soon as possible: Please telephone at your earliest convenience.
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Erdogan will also have a phone call with the US President Donald Trump over the safe zone at their earliest convenience on Thursday or Friday, he added.
He said he would also invite the foreign minister and recently appointed chairman of the parliamentary Kashmir committee to visit AJK at their earliest convenience.
They agreed to continue the exchange of high level visits and Prime Minister Abbasi extended invitations to President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah to visit Islamabad at their earliest convenience.
On his part, Sports Associations director Hesham Al Beloshi urged the associations to submit their data at their earliest convenience in order to ensure prompt issuance of their insurance cards.
I would urge them to contact us at their earliest convenience and would ask anyone who knows their identity to get in touch."
They extended invitation to each other to pay bilateral visits at their earliest convenience.
Ashkin Asan to visit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province at their earliest convenience.
Along with other concerned local people I am also very disappointed with this issue and would hope that the Vale of Glamorgan Council will address these extremely serious points at their earliest convenience.
"We urge anyone with information regarding the woman's death to contact us at their earliest convenience."
Stressing the special is not the same as a coupon, Rhoads said, "This product can be acquired at a discount for only one month, Customers who wish to take advantage of the savings will need to place their orders at their earliest convenience."
He asked the Ambassador to convey his invitation to the President and Prime Minister of Republic of Korea to visit Pakistan at their earliest convenience. The Ambassador of Korea briefed the Prime Minister about the plans and present status of Korean corporate sectors involvement in various sectors of Pakistans economy as well as of the fact of further prospects of expanding economic cooperation between the two sides.
I urge interested parties to contact me at their earliest convenience.
Sales director Gillian Bell said: "These are outstanding offers and I would urge anyone thinking about buying a home to make a visit to Stanley at their earliest convenience.
The FAI last night said that no date had been set for the meeting to reconvene but did say that it would be at their earliest convenience.