on/at the stroke of eight, midnight, etc.

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on the stroke of (some specific time)

Exactly at a specific time, especially the very beginning of the hour. The store is opening its doors on the stroke of midnight for the Black Friday sale. If you're not home on the stroke of 11, you're grounded!
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on/at the ˌstroke of ˈeight, ˈmidnight, etc.

at exactly eight o’clock, midnight, etc: She gets to work at the stroke of nine every day.
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Bursts of gunfire and salvos of cracker booms filled the air of Karachi at the stroke of midnight as the mega city welcomed the New Year.
The defeat of the legislation leaves Congressional leaders with less than two hours to avoid a shutdown, as government funding is due to expire at the stroke of midnight on Saturday.
Summary: At the stroke of midnight, the world's tallest tower danced in an ethereal web of lights.
Last year's Taipei 101 fireworks frenzy lasted lasted nearly four minutes and involved the launching of 20,000 fireworks at the stroke of midnight, along with a first-time light show orchestrated by 800 lights and special effects around the building.
Fundraisers on the five-mile circular route leave Parc Eirias at the stroke of midnight.
At the stroke of midnight, the Midnight Memory Walk will once again bring together people from all backgrounds and walks of life to have fun, give encouragement, share memories and remember those who are no longer with us but who will remain in our hearts forever.
However, remember the "first foot" should not be in the house at the stroke of midnight, otherwise it will be bad luck.
Australia is all set to welcome 2014 at the stroke of midnight with a gigantic colourful 12-minute bonanza.
All participants will receive via email a set of instructions and access to the challenge at the stroke of midnight on October 4th, 2013.
Built by one of the nation's top clockmakers, the structure became the focus of a once-beloved tradition: Starting in 1871, couples would visit the city hall on New Year's Eve and kiss at the stroke of midnight.
The site said it is offering UK travellers a chance to join revellers in New York's Times Square from GBP 360 per person to greet 2013 at the stroke of midnight.
It was at the stroke of Midnight on 15 August 1947 that India actually got its Independence, a fact that has been lost on the current generation.
The charity's colourful and exciting 10km Midnight Walk takes place on Saturday September 15, with participants sporting pink event T-shirts as they set off from Victoria Square at the stroke of midnight.
At the stroke of midnight, Burj Khalifa in Dubai was lit up by shimmering fireworks lasting 15 minutes.
The walk, which will begin at the stroke of midnight on Saturday, June 19, is expected to see hundreds gathering in Durham for the fourth 10km trek.