at the last minute/moment

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at the last minute

At the last possible instant or opportunity. I know they've been squabbling for weeks, but I think they'll reach an agreement at the last minute. Yeah, Stu made some vacation plans at the last minute, so he is going to be out of the office next week.
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at the last minute

Fig. at the last possible chance; in the last few minutes, hours, or days. (Often an exaggeration.) Please don't make reservations at the last minute. Why do you ask all your questions at the last minute?
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at the last minute

At the latest possible moment or opportunity. For example, Jim couldn't get a reservation because he had called at the last minute. Also see at the latest; eleventh hour.
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at the last ˈminute/ˈmoment

as late as possible; almost too late: Why do you always have to arrive at the last moment? ▶ ˌlast-ˈminute adj.: last-minute changes of plan, decisions, preparations, etc.
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References in classic literature ?
Luckily at the last moment peace was made, and no battle took place, so the Bat came to the Birds and wished to join in the rejoicings, but they all turned against him and he had to fly away.
It was a little note pencilled in her bedroom at the last moment.
To Tarzan's memory came a similar scene, when he had rescued D'Arnot from a like predicament at the last moment before the final spear-thrust should have ended his sufferings.
It is decided, then, that, at the last moment, you will come to my assistance.
You are not yet sufficiently reduced, and at the last moment we will see what is to be done.
Here is that child Amy, in her ugly old shabby dress, which she was so obstinate about, Pa, which I over and over again begged and prayed her to change, and which she over and over again objected to, and promised to change to-day, saying she wished to wear it as long as ever she remained in there with you--which was absolutely romantic nonsense of the lowest kind--here is that child Amy disgracing us to the last moment and at the last moment, by being carried out in that dress after all.
by Times News ServiceBollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan flew in at the last moment for Amitabh Bachchan, who fell ill, and the crowds gathered in their throngs to catch a glimpse of the glitterati who have arrived in Oman this evening.
Sardar Yousuf said that Pakistan has always facilitated Indian religious visitors and visas were provided on time but the Indian government usually refused visa at the last moment to Pakistani visitors.
It was reported that the launch of Tata Nano was delayed at the last moment in Bangladesh after its distributor said Saturday it was seeking a cut in price.
A WOMAN tried to throw herself from a hotel balcony onto spiked railings - but was saved at the last moment by a quickthinking doorman.
A delighted Williams said: "Me and Paul hatched a plan, and said that we would commit at the last moment because we didn't want to get into a fight with Ollie.
We had seen Blockbusters advertised in Gulf News and thought we would enter a team at the last moment.
Course managing director Rod Fabricius said: "The Benhams don't know anything about it and we only changed the name of the race from the Summer Vase at the last moment.
Secondly, why is it a surprise when Marcus Bent declines Cardiff City's offer at the last moment for a Premiership club?
The Scot, who lived in Barcelona during his teenage years, had already been knocked out of the singles by Mario Ancic after he decided to enter the tournament at the last moment.