at somebody's feet

at (one's) feet

1. In a position of devotion or worship to one; paying homage or reverential attention to one. That renowned professor has everyone in the school at his feet—his class for next semester filled up in just a few hours. My brother chose to sit at the saints' feet for the rest of his life, but I do not intend to pursue such a life of the cloth.
2. In a position to be easily obtained or used for one's benefit or advantage. Do these five things, and you'll be sure to have multiple offers at your feet.
3. In a position to be considered one's responsibility or fault. Because I'm their elected official, voters are quick to lay any economic woes at my feet.
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at somebody’s ˈfeet

respecting and admiring somebody, and so being influenced by them: As a young man, he had the whole of Paris at his feet.
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"You only need one of those balls at somebody's feet and you have a chance.
Craig said: "Because I can't feel the plate it's not in my head until after I go in at somebody's feet. You just do what you do.
Going down at your post is a lot easier than coming out at somebody's feet.
"If a keeper dives at somebody's feet when that player has the possibility of taking the move further then in that situation he would be given a yellow.