at short notice

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at short notice

Without much warning or time to prepare. Somewhat less common than "on short notice." Who do you think will be free to watch the dog at such short notice?
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at short (or a moment's) notice

with little warning or time for preparation.
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at (very) short ˈnotice

(also at a moment’s ˈnotice) with very little warning; without much time to prepare: In this job you have to be able to work weekends at short notice.
See also: notice, short
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They chartered a Citation private jet at short notice, seating six, which flew them home directly to Malaga from Manchester for E6500 - just over E1000 per head.
Dirty Pretty Things - Romance At Short Notice CARL Barat's former band casts a long shadow across his reinvention with Dirty Pretty Things.
Wakefield, at short notice, produced pitches for two championship matches, one in the Pro-40 match and two Twenty20 Cup encounters.
So we are called upon to find a finance director or managing director to hold the fort or resolve a specific issue at short notice.
He never hurt me and knowing I can hold my own with that calibre of opponent at short notice means I won't be losing any sleep about taking on McGuire.
Cardiff's libraries are being shut at short notice because of a lack of staff, it has been revealed.