at short notice

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at short (or a moment's) notice

with little warning or time for preparation.
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at (very) short ˈnotice

(also at a moment’s ˈnotice) with very little warning; without much time to prepare: In this job you have to be able to work weekends at short notice.
See also: notice, short
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After last season it is clear we need to make sure that Chester Road is available at short notice in case of emergency so we need to invest more in the infrastructure for players, umpires and the media.
He was told in a memo by a senior council officer that the closure of branch libraries at short notice had been a 'fact of life for several months due to the council's financial difficulties last year and the ongoing recruitment freeze'.
This would have the added advantage of ensuring no blank racing days during the period and avoiding the necessity of hastily arranged 'extra' meetings at short notice.
NEVIO SCALA last night admitted he was willing to fly to Edinburgh at short notice to be given a guided tour by Hearts officials.
Department of Health figures revealed that in the period October to December a total of 17,402 operations were cancelled at short notice for non-clinical reasons.
They're paid wages below the minimum, with substandard working conditions and no holidays, and expected to turn up at short notice to do extra shifts.
Like Minutemen equipped with flashlights instead of flintlocks, Smith's volunteers must be ready for action at short notice.