at short notice

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at short notice

Without much warning or time to prepare. Who do you think will be free to watch the dog at such short notice?
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at short (or a moment's) notice

with little warning or time for preparation.
See also: notice, short

at (very) short ˈnotice

(also at a moment’s ˈnotice) with very little warning; without much time to prepare: In this job you have to be able to work weekends at short notice.
See also: notice, short
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They chartered a Citation private jet at short notice, seating six, which flew them home directly to Malaga from Manchester for E6500 - just over E1000 per head.
Dirty Pretty Things - Romance At Short Notice CARL Barat's former band casts a long shadow across his reinvention with Dirty Pretty Things.
Wakefield, at short notice, produced pitches for two championship matches, one in the Pro-40 match and two Twenty20 Cup encounters.
So we are called upon to find a finance director or managing director to hold the fort or resolve a specific issue at short notice.
He never hurt me and knowing I can hold my own with that calibre of opponent at short notice means I won't be losing any sleep about taking on McGuire.
Cardiff's libraries are being shut at short notice because of a lack of staff, it has been revealed.