at short notice

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at short notice

Without much warning or time to prepare. Somewhat less common than "on short notice." Who do you think will be free to watch the dog at such short notice?
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at short (or a moment's) notice

with little warning or time for preparation.
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at (very) short ˈnotice

(also at a moment’s ˈnotice) with very little warning; without much time to prepare: In this job you have to be able to work weekends at short notice.
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The education authority is concerned that working parents are unable to be at home to supervise their children when schools are shut at short notice.
He was told in a memo by a senior council officer that the closure of branch libraries at short notice had been a 'fact of life for several months due to the council's financial difficulties last year and the ongoing recruitment freeze'.
The doctors said they experienced dispersal at short notice (37 clinics) or with no prior arrangement (43).
As Pure Drive say, when the multiple supermarket chains hold in-store promotions on any of the lines they carry, it is difficult to predict exactly how much stock will be required, so products and therefore packaging are often needed at short notice, which is where Rigid's capability comes into play.
RATES Australia Bangladesh Canada Denmark Euro 1.15 Hong Kong India 83.48 Japan 144.99 New Zealand Norway Pakistan Saudi Singapore South Sweden Switzerland Turkey 2.73 US 1.55 "Demonstrations are often called at short notice but there are certain dates on which demos have traditionally occurred - May 1, November 17 and December 6."
After last year's flooding, which prevented any cricket at New Road after June, Worcestershire agreed a contingency plan for matches to be switched to Kidderminster at short notice.
So we are called upon to find a finance director or managing director to hold the fort or resolve a specific issue at short notice."
Paul said: "Hereward needed a top-class drummer he could rely on at short notice for the International Music Festival Rio Grande, which was attended by thousands over the recent Bank Holiday weekend.
A source close to the star explained: "She likes to be able to get up and go somewhere at short notice. She also has to take security with her and likes her pals and mum to go too.
Last night's performance of Far From the Madding Crowd at the city centre venue had to be cancelled at short notice after one of the leading ladies broke a bone.
The problem was exacerbated as rail bosses struggled to find a replacement bus service at short notice.
``Hospitals regularly try to ensure operating slots are fully utilised, that there are mechanisms in place to bring patients in at short notice if other patients cancel.''
Payne had originaly been due to face Tredegar's Ian Turner but after a late withdrawal from the Welshman a call went out to the experienced little Ukranian who was happy to step in at short notice.
Home Secretary Mr Jack Straw was granted an injunction at short notice to stop the meetings planned at 135 prisons to discuss what the Prison Officers' Association called a "derisory" pay offer.