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In the meanwhile, one Mohsin got infuriated and shot dead Faisal at point blank range. The people gathered overpowered the accused and handed him over to police after beating him.
Police said that the unidentified gunmen checked the National Identity Cards (NICs) of all the passengers before shooting them to death at point blank range.
"They had lined them up and shot them at point blank range after identifying their identity," he said.
Denny shot him in the chest at point blank range with a 12 bore shot gun."
John Cooper, 66, blasted his victims - a couple and a brother and sister - at point blank range in four merciless killings done for no financial gain.
A PENSIONER shot his ex-wife in the head at point blank range in broad daylight because he feared she would "take everything," the Old Bailey was told yesterday.
They threw the ball at point blank range at his face twice when he asked the trouble-makers to move on.
His vehicle became lodged and as he tried to reverse, the man fired again at point blank range.
Mr de Menezes, 27, was gunned down by specialist firearms officers at point blank range after being mistaken for failed suicide bomber Hussain Osman.
Gardai believe that he was lured to his death by a rival drugs gang who shot him repeatedly in the head and neck at point blank range.
An innocent man gets shot at point blank range seven times in the head and the boss gets off.
The 44-year-old shot her through the heart at point blank range.
The Dale striker nearly set up a winner minutes later with a brilliant run down the right wing, but sub Chris Dagnall's first time shot was blocked at point blank range by Higgs.
A WOMAN shot in the head at point blank range by her boyfriend today told how she thought she was going to die.
MacMillan dived to his left to turn away a swerving 25-yard free kick from Gary Farquhar and at the other end Rae denied Michael Bremner at point blank range.