at each other's throats

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at each other's throats

Said of two people who are noticeably angry with each other. Those two are at each other's throats because they can't agree on how to best lead the committee. You can hear their shouting all the way down the hall!
See also: each, throat

at each other's throats

Arguing or fighting. For example, It was a very dramatic trial, with the prosecutor and the defense attorney constantly at each other's throats . This idiom, with its vivid image of two persons trying to strangle each other, is often applied to less physical forms of disagreement.
See also: each, throat

at each other's throats


at one another's throats

COMMON If two people or groups are at each other's throats or at one another's throats, they are arguing in a very angry way. Their European partners were at each other's throats last night in some of the worst arguing since the Second World War. MPs are at one another's throats all the time, and it's not functioning as a very effective government.
See also: each, throat

(be) at each other’s ˈthroats


(be) at one another’s ˈthroats

(be) angrily fighting or arguing with each other: Within six months of their marriage, Sue and Rodney were at each other’s throats.
See also: each, throat
References in classic literature ?
The Prince and I were literally - on the point of flying at one another's throats.
Still keeping hold of the fair prize, they grappled fiercely at one another's throats.
Tomorrow they might be at one another's throats, but today there existed one of those strange and inexplicable truces which so often are seen among the savage ones of the jungle.
THERE are people put on this earth who are made to love one another, and they are called soul mates, but there are also soul enemies - people who seem to be forever at one another's throats, and their mutual hatred may not be limited to one life.
The expediency of principle OUR politicians seem to be at one another's throats over the high cost of protests against proposed Kirklees Council cuts.
The fire has gone from their sex life, they've got big money worries and their kids at one another's throats.
The pair, usually at one another's throats on X Factor are plotting a pop project.
A close knit-community explodes and may be going at one another's throats.
Fran and Sonny, two overly ambitious individuals find each other at one another's throats over money and the desire to succeed.
Jeff's pencil tapping had risen to unbelievable proportions, Wanda stubbornly refused to read, and Erik and Ashley were at one another's throats big time.
Presumably in public they will be at one another's throats.
How will a little lad fair when he's being brought up by two people who are at one another's throats all the time?
You may be at one another's throats, but that is still togetherness.