at odds with (someone or something)

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at odds with (someone or something)

In conflict with someone or something. They are at odds with each other over the best way to lead the committee. Our fact-checker found that the witness's story was completely at odds with what the reporter had written.
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at odds with someone

COMMON If one person or group is at odds with another, they disagree about something. Their two sons were at odds with each other. Note: You can also say that two people or groups are at odds. The Education Secretary denied reports that he and the Chancellor had been at odds over university funding.
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at odds with something

COMMON If one thing is at odds with another, they are very different or do not seem as though they can both be true. His outlook on life was pessimistic, quite at odds with his wife's description of his normal out-going personality. He was a good piano player, but slightly ashamed of it, as it seemed at odds with his macho image. Note: You can also say that two things are at odds. Last month the two reports were at odds, since employment figures indicated strength while the index predicted a worsening economy.
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References in classic literature ?
The features of the surrounding picture were, a church with hoarding and scaffolding about it, which had been under suppositious repair so long that the means of repair looked a hundred years old, and had themselves fallen into decay; a quantity of washed linen, spread to dry in the sun; a number of houses at odds with one another and grotesquely out of the perpendicular, like rotten pre- Adamite cheeses cut into fantastic shapes and full of mites; and a feverish bewilderment of windows, with their lattice-blinds all hanging askew, and something draggled and dirty dangling out of most of them.
The report notes the planes were missing "the angle of attack indicator" and the "disagree light", which could have alerted the pilots if the aircraft sensors were at odds with one another and also better responded to the new software system updates in determining the angle of the plane's nose relative to oncoming air.
Welcoming the US-North Korea Summit, he said ever since the start of the Korean War, the two nations have been at odds with one another; both threatening to use military force with their nuclear arsenals facing each other.
The UN is like a disoriented octopus whose various tentacles operate at odds with one another.
The facts at odds with one another in this environment include the powerful PsiCorps, the defending group of Hunters, and one girl who stands in the middle between political games and strife.
"We have not run into one another for a few months so how can we be at odds with one another?
Tibballs said: "Saudi Arabia's current refusal to send sportswomen to the Olympics puts them directly at odds with one of the IOC's fundamental principles as laid out within the Olympic Charter."
The truth and the safety of those who seek it are things all too often put at odds with one another.
Chapters discuss how to cope with tastes for decorating or cleanliness that are at odds with one another, how to make working from home successful, transforming the atmosphere of one's home into an inviting place for guests, and much more.
Corporate wealth and public health often are at odds with one another: that's the view presented in BIG PHARMA: EXPOSING THE GLBOAL HEALTHCARE AGENDA.
Though it's just a conceit, the idea of abandonment reverberates in the look of the painting, with its two sides at odds with one another, like some "before and after" scenario.
Planning for the future also can be a tricky endeavor--putting established couples at odds with one another.
Once again I find myself at odds with one of your theatre reviewers, this time Alison Carr's review of Summer Holiday.
We are stronger together than when we stand alone, or worse, at odds with one another."