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Such was the red brilliancy of these lamps that they appeared to build walls of fire on both sides of the track, between which we held our course at lightning speed, while a reverberating thunder filled the Valley with its echoes.
Being canned means that Nice chills at lightning speed, is endlessly recyclable, it's light enough to take on any outings and if you're just after one glass, there's no need to pull the cork on an entire bottle.
Insurers, for example, can settle property claims at lightning speed with Ant's assistance.
A tweet reaches a company's stakeholders at lightning speed. And likewise, a company's reputation can start taking a turn for the worse at lightning speed.
Commenting on the partnership, Boban MP, CEO, Oman UAE Exchange said, "We have always explored possibilities of introducing innovative technology to transfer money to India at lightning speed. We are glad to partner with State Bank of Travancore for FLASHremit which is famed not just for its lightning speed but also, for its safety.
Its vision of international fashion is world conquest by the French, rendered at lightning speed in the last pages.
New York, Feb 19 ( ANI ): A computer programmer from New York City has developed software that can track e-mails bouncing from server to server at lightning speed to reach the recipient.
Everything happens at lightning speed. We wake up early in the week and go to bed realising that it's the weekend and we have no idea where the week went.
With urbanization expanding at lightning speed," said Goktug Gur, the Country President for UAE, Oman and Pakistan.
"The technological changes in the lighting industry continue at lightning speed," says John Bono, chair, IES SALC.
Since then they have been growing at lightning speed, with free wireless networks and cutting-edge gadgets widely available.
Branson accuses the EU executive of having approved the acquisition "at lightning speed, in just 35 working days," and having ignored the "strong cases" made by politicians, business groups and airlines, preferring to enable "one big company to become even more bloated".
As security evolves and expands at lightning speed, so do the new platforms and outlets where security is needed.