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Now his rage was more the rage of a man beaten at his own game and robbed of the prize that he had thought already his.
He was being bested at his own game. His famous right-uppercut had been worked back on him.
"That would be all very well if you could beat Manet at his own game, but you can't get anywhere near him.
The battling beasts made a few feints and passes at each other before the larger succeeded in fastening his fangs in the other's throat, and then, as a cat shakes a mouse, the larger lion shook the lesser, and when his dying foe sought to roll beneath and rake his conqueror with his hind claws, the other met him halfway at his own game, and as the great talons buried themselves in the lower part of the other's chest and then were raked downward with all the terrific strength of the mighty hind legs, the battle was ended.
Of course, you had no chance with him at his own game. He's wrestled in the music halls in London with Hackenschmidt.
"Oh, as for that," explained Fisher, when he was entertaining March and Twyford at lunch about a month later, "I merely wanted to play with the magician at his own game."
Nor can I wonder, knowing this type as I did, for had I not made him ridiculous in the eyes of his warriors, beating him at his own game? What king, savage or civilized, could condone such impudence?
Summary: Madonna played host Ricky Gervais at his own game at the Golden Globes after he sarcastically called her "a virgin".
But a word of advice, Tony - don't try taking on Wenger (inset) at his own game or it will end in tears.
New York, Jun 26 (ANI): American professional golfer Tiger Woods was left embarrassed after he was beaten by comedian and NBC's show host Jimmy Fallon at his own game of golf on Nintendo Wii.
NIGEL BOND felt he beat Peter Ebdon at his own game after causing the biggest upset so far of the 2009 World Championships by defeating the former tournament winner 10-5 at the Crucible.
I feel like the pope is stepping it up, like he feels like the American right has been beating him at his own game. He's written a book just to say, "By the way, I've been against tiffs for a long time.
Along with their new friend Napat, they all try to catch up with Mouse Deer and, with the help of the Sleepytime Ponies, beat him at his own game! An original story by Lana Jordan which is nicely enhanced with illustrations by the team of Kd Allen and Teresa Giraud, The Sleepytime Ponies Trick A Trickster will leave young readers enthusiastically awaiting the next thrilling and entertaining picturebook adventure with the Sleepytime Ponies.
But comedienne Ellen, 46, beat him at his own game when she chased after him on her own bicycle.
Andy realises Sharon is capable of playing him at his own game as she receives an unexpected offer for Angie's Den.