at (one's) mother's knee

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at (one's) mother's knee

From one's mother, typically when one was a child. I learned how to bake at my mother's knee when I was just a girl.
See also: knee

at your mother's (or father's) knee

at an early age.
See also: knee

at your ˌmother’s ˈknee

when you were very young: I learnt these songs at my mother’s knee.
See also: knee
References in classic literature ?
Thus it happened that young Theodore Vail learned the dramatic story of Morse at his mother's knee.
He learned to read in the old-fashioned way out of a spelling-book at his mother's knee, and as he got on without driving by that method, she thought it unnecessary to buy him ivory letters, or to try any of the other inducements to learning now deemed indispensable.
Because it makes the breathtaking claim that God is like Jesus, that the God who created the world, the God who said "Let there be light", the God who named each living creature, is content to be a child, learning his first halting words at his mother's knee.
For James, his TV fame is an unexpected twist to a chef 's career that began when he was just eight years old and learning how to bake at his mother's knee.
Phil Bull told how he learned to count at his mother's knee - one, 11-10, 5-4, 11-8, 6-4, 13-8, 7-4, 15-8, two .
EVERY well brought-up businessman learns at his mother's knee not to trust banks offering easy credit.