at (one's) mother's knee

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at (one's) mother's knee

From one's mother, typically when one was a child. I learned how to bake at my mother's knee when I was just a girl.
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at your mother's (or father's) knee

at an early age.
See also: knee

at your ˌmother’s ˈknee

when you were very young: I learnt these songs at my mother’s knee.
See also: knee
References in classic literature ?
She knows no better: she learnt it at her mother's knee.
Roshi Olfat started knitting at her mother's knee as a young girl in Iran, we reported in January 1988.
Here's a girl, after all, who learnt everything about the hotel business at her mother's knee.
Kathleen Meehan, from Glencolmcille, Co Donegal, learned to knit at her mother's knee.
Thus, there is no textual basis in the Gospels, the apocryphal accounts, or their incorporation into the thirteenth-century Legenda aurea of Jacobo da Voragine, for the religious imagery of the Education of the Virgin, learning to read at her mother's knee.
The faith Mom learned at her mother's knee didn't change much and, significantly, she wanted her ashes interred beside her mother's in Swift Current, Sask.
Proud of her working-class roots and at ease with opera ever since she learnt arias at her mother's knee, she feels opera must be demystified.
It is likely that Laura did not learn her magic from ancient rooted folk traditions or at her mother's knee, as more romantic historians would like it.