at (one's) feet

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at (one's) feet

1. In a position of devotion or worship to one; paying homage or reverential attention to one. That renowned professor has everyone in the school at his feet—his class for next semester filled up in just a few hours. My brother chose to sit at the saints' feet for the rest of his life, but I do not intend to pursue such a life of the cloth.
2. In a position to be easily obtained or used for one's benefit or advantage. Do these five things, and you'll be sure to have multiple offers at your feet.
3. In a position to be considered one's responsibility or fault. Because I'm their elected official, voters are quick to lay any economic woes at my feet.
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at somebody’s ˈfeet

respecting and admiring somebody, and so being influenced by them: As a young man, he had the whole of Paris at his feet.
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at (someone's) feet

Enchanted or fascinated by another.
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Everybody looked at her feet; and when she stepped through the chancel door on the church pavement, it seemed to her as if the old figures on the tombs, those portraits of old preachers and preachers' wives, with stiff ruffs, and long black dresses, fixed their eyes on her red shoes.