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The iPhone runs the Apple Macintosh computer operating system, OS X, so at first glance it would seem to fall into the smartphone category, which might help justify its announced $500+ pricetag.
The commentary examines this response, and similar responses that appear at first glance to be a refusal to answer, in various lights--that perhaps the meaning of the Ancestor's coming is as inconceivable as the existence of a speaking stone tortoise, or perhaps by hearing the voice of the stone tortoise one can truly begin to understand.
At first glance, you might mistake arctotis for gazania, except that arctotis grows taller and its flowers are larger than gazania blooms.
At first glance, Butler's simplistic forms and restricted subject matter might suggest a lack of substance, but a little more time spent with his paintings reveals a deeper complexity.
At first glance, Escher's interlocking and intricate patterns seem mind-boggling.
At first glance I thought your September 3 cover man was Ben Affleck, and I started looking for a story on him.
At first glance, this appears to be just another collection of colorful action stories about combat in war-torn skies.
At first glance, the entries seem absurd like they couldn't possibly be true, but as you get to know Ang ("Poorly, Ang" is how she signs her broke entries) and her broke friends, you can't help but believe their tireless adventures and kooky schemes for anything beginning with the words FREE.
At first glance, Ek seems like an unlikely candidate for Next Wave.
They will be wearing black shirts with a logo, that at first glance, looks like a Green Butterfly.
At first glance, the viewer may not understand exactly what is being shown.
AT first glance, Proposition 80 would seem to merely lock in a bunch of energy regulations that are already on the books - chief among them barring corporations from buying power from independent suppliers.
At first glance, people with Parkinson's disease appear to have damaged muscles, as evidenced by tremors and rigidity.
At first glance, The Buzz was awed by the outrageous sexual content, like the leashed Dobermans morphing into female bondage slaves.
At first glance, the march of scientific progress would seem to be a straightforward and orderly affair, with knowledge building upon knowledge until we reach the peak we occupy today.