at doorstep

at (one's) doorstep

1. Literally, outside one's door. I'm at your doorstep right now—where are you?
2. By extension, one's responsibility. That issue is at the police commissioner's doorstep now. I always hire reputable contractors for my company because I don't want complaints of shoddy construction at my doorstep.
3. Very close to one's location, especially of an unwanted thing that is encroaching. We used to think of it as a skirmish on the frontier, but the war is now at our doorstep. This whole area used to be rural, but with rampant development, the suburbs are at our doorstep.
See also: doorstep

at someone's doorstep

 and on someone's doorstep
Fig. in someone's care; as someone's responsibility. Why do you always have to lay your problems at my doorstep? I shall put this issue on someone else's doorstep. I don't want that problem on my doorstep.
See also: doorstep
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com, a car servicing web portal which states that it is the first to do so has announced the launch of car servicing like car dry cleaning, polishing, washing at doorstep in New Delhi and NCR.
We expect the demand for these services to grow exponentially and companies redefine the ways cars are serviced at doorstep,'' the company stated.
Car breakdown, car accessories and car detailing at doorstep are popular value added services.